1945 Air Force Mod Apk for Android- (Unlimited Money)

1945 Air Force-Decades have marked the turning point of games that are gradually improving. They change both the content and the form to suit the entertainment needs of the player. At the same time, many genres already have a place for themselves in the memory of many people. One of these that we can mention is shooting airplanes.

Over time, many titles have appeared that have achieved inevitable success, such as Chicken Invader. Little by little, some players still enjoy playing this game due to the challenge and entertainment that it can bring. So if you are a lover of this genre or looking for a fun game, you cannot ignore 1945 Air Force: Airplane Shooting Game.


1945 Air Force is a genre of aerial shooting games and it is not too new a genre in the games market anymore. When you start playing this game, you will see simple graphics and not as beautiful as today’s 3D games. But it still has proper graphics and satisfies entertainment needs.

At the same time, it also offers players moments where you hardly have to look away.
It offers a sense of comfort in the experience by providing an environment that has been carefully prepared. At the same time, observation is always a must for all aerial shooting games because you will have to avoid many enemy weapons very carefully. Also, you won’t need too much effort to move many of your characters (planes) in battles.

The player controls the plane on a 2D plane and vertically. Like many games of the same genre, your character will move to the bottom of the screen and more planes will appear at the top. Weapons mostly fall from above, so be careful to dodge or detonate them quickly without taking damage. Also, depending on the type of enemy, their number changes.


The game has a way of playing that anyone can easily get close to. At the same time, some players who love the aerial shooting genre can definitely get used to this game right away and gradually understand the mechanics of the game. Players will try to move the character and shoot enemy targets with skill. It can be seen as the work you usually do in this game.

The game offers you a health bar that you can easily see on the left side of the screen. At the same time, on the right, the number of enemies is recalculated and will gradually increase over time. You will need to pay attention to this number as it reflects your level of achievement with this game. At the beginning of the game screen, you will be assigned a task like destroying the percentage of enemies. Then you will find a way to do it.

Each plane has its complementary abilities to use properly to aid the player in some difficult circumstances. All abilities have a cooldown and it can be said that you can only use them in the most difficult circumstances. At the same time, you will come across more and more enemies of different sizes and strengths over time. So you have to use what you have in the right way.


1945 Air Force offers you an accessible game, but it also has specific challenges. There will be many different levels that you can find. Once you’ve achieved victory, you will keep wanting to complete the next level until you start fighting various enemies. You won’t have to worry too much when the update isn’t too far away for players.

We can divide ourselves into two main types of upgrades: upgrades by collecting items left behind by enemies and upgrades by adding some support equipment. There will be many round objects with symbols throughout the game and you will need to collect them properly to have powerful attack attacks. If you collect that much, the sparks emitted by the plane will be more complete and will quickly destroy the enemies.

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Update number two is also essential when you will need to spend a lot of resources to increase the power of the aircraft or add support equipment, such as additional aircraft, to attack enemies. It is similar to car updates in racing games. Therefore, it takes some time to accumulate money and you too will be very hesitant to use this money.


1945 Air Force offers you a completely simple but no less demanding game. Therefore, it is perfectly suited to many audiences looking for a game to entertain effectively. The game still has good graphics and you will feel interesting when you experience it.

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