Age of Magic MOD APK

Age of Magic MOD APK v1.32.0 (God Mode/Damage Increased)

Age of Magic mod apk- is one of the most popular MMORPG applications available today. It has attracted a lot of players worldwide. There is various Age of Magic mods available in the market, which further enhance the features of this game. However, there is one mod in particular that has been used by many players worldwide as the best mod.

This mod has been upgraded and now features a wide variety of quests and areas. As this mod was just released, there are still so many things that can be done in the game. If you want to fully experience the excitement and fun of playing this age of magic classic, it would be better if you have unlimited access to the in-game currency. The money in your inventory will be automatically restored when you use any of the age of magic mod apk downloads available online.

You might also be interested to know that you have an unlimited number of hero points. Unlike other games, you can use these rewards to purchase legendary heroes that will help you during your quests. As mentioned above, there is also an unlimited number of rewards. In fact, you can level up faster by using the legendary heroes in this mod.

Age of Magic MOD APK

This mod gives you different types of rewards. For example, you can get one of each shard per day which can be used as raid tokens. Furthermore, you can get a free heroic strike once per week. There are also several quests that you can do to gain gold and honor shards. These quests give you rare items such as golden chimes and rings of fortune.

In addition, the age of magic mod includes several other features that will make your gaming experience more exciting. For example, you can learn six new skills from six new heroes that are inspired by the age of magic. There are also several new achievements for you to earn. Furthermore, you can get a free hero right after you complete the tutorial. Another exciting feature is the raid mechanics. You can fight and defeat legendary bosses that are part of this exciting age of gaming.

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There are two modes in this age of magic mod apk. You can choose between Story mode and Multiplayer mode. The Story campaign mode mainly gives you a brief introduction to the background of the Age of Magic. This mode is full of challenging stages that you will surely enjoy playing. Moreover, the story of this mod is filled with humor, romance, and adventure.

Game Modes:

The multiplayer mode in this mod is divided into two different types. The first one is the Indian mode that offers five versus five team fights with the use of different heroes. Meanwhile, the second one is the classic mode that will test your mastery over a variety of spells, abilities, and weapons.

The second model also has a tutorial where you can find tips on using various aspects of your character, controlling multiple characters at the same time, balancing your stats, performing special actions, and so on. Finally, the built-in cheat menu allows you to utilize the various features and tools of the mod.

Other than these, the age of magic mod also features four expansion packs that are developed by different developers. The first expansion pack, called the Rise of the Godslayer, involves quests where you fight against a deadly demon. The second expansion pack, called the Arath Basin, will include an area wherein you can mine the soul gems for souls.

The last expansion pack, called the Wrath of the Lich King, will introduce new heroes and their skills, such as the Sunwell’s healing or the Sunwell’s burning damage. If you purchase this mod on sale, then you will also get the Lich King bundle which contains all the items available in the game as well as the Age of Magic gold pack.