Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK Latest Version Download

If you are here for Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK then you are in the right place. Download Angry Birds Dream Blast for Android and join a new way to play the popular Pig Blast game. Join the 3 most popular little birds and start removing bubbles (and pigs) to progress through each level.

Let’s play Angry Birds Dream Blast

So how do we get started? In fact, it’s pretty easy to start playing. There are three aspects of Angry Birds Dream Blast that make up the game. Birds, bubbles, and the main target or target. You will need to organize them in a certain number of rounds to pass the level. Let’s examine each of these different areas:

The Birds

These will be your tools, as in any other AB game. These birds will be caught in bubbles that will burst on contact. The explosion of these cute creatures will destroy the colorful bubbles nearby. You can use it to your advantage to match bubbles of the same color.
On another note, there are layers for each bird. To level up, you will need two Angries of the same level to contact you; they will merge to the next level.

  1. The first level will be the grumpy red bird. It has the smallest blast radius of your blast. They will also shoot only bubbles and pigs horizontally from them. Use boys sparingly.
  2. Then the happy yellow bird is the next level. Created by combining two tomatoes, this bird has a much wider explosion range and can cover many directions.
  3. Finally, the eager blackbird. You can defeat this fat man by mixing two happy yellow boys. Completely tithe anything close to the distance. Make sure you plan your creation and use it as a last resort to get everything.

Dream Bubbles

Now, bubbles are easier to understand than birds. All bubbles are colored. Touching any balloon will disappear and add to the number collected. However, if you add 5 more of the same color at the same time, you will get the first level of bird. The more dream bubbles you collect at the same time, the bigger the bird will be.


Eventually, the goal will be different with each level. Sometimes you will need to collect a certain amount of dream bubbles. Sometimes you will have to clean the dream pigs or the clouds on the board. Either way, the goal is your clear chance to pass each level.

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Graphics and sounds

When you think of Angry Birds, what kind of images come to mind? Obviously, birds, pigs, and many angry faces. And the graphics of the game completely complete this cartoon and the superior atmosphere. 2D cartoon-style graphics and digitally drawn backgrounds make the game very enjoyable to watch.

In terms of music and sounds, it’s all you can imagine from the Angry Birds series. The music is very melancholy, but it induces a feeling of emotion when it is played. You can really feel the pressure of trying to break these bubble birds and complete each goal perfectly.

In terms of sounds, these birds look adorable and fun. Whenever you try to blow up one of them, they murmur and scream with enthusiasm, followed by a POP! The feeling is so satisfying. In fact, you may find yourself playing for hours just because of the compelling sounds of the game.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK Free Download

  • Unlimited coins
    Make him completely ignore the waiting time between losses for each level. Now you can try again as many times as necessary without any problems. So download Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod right now.

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