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Auto Hero: Auto-fire platformer MOD invulnerability Free

Auto Hero platformer MOD is a game that has been released in the market in 2021. It is a platformer game, which mainly focuses on the element of adventure and problem-solving. As you go about solving the mystery behind the case, you’ll find yourself gaining powers and abilities to solve puzzles and mini-games as well. This all adds up to an addictive and fun experience.

Auto Hero Autofire platformer v10194810 mod apk

Auto Hero was created by Chunsoft. The game has received a warm welcome from a large number of players from various countries. This is evident from the number of game download sites that are available on the internet.

Auto Hero platformer MOD is primarily a shooting game. You can use the mouse or keyboard arrow keys to aim at your enemies. There are two versions of Auto Hero. The first one is Auto Hero: Collector Edition. It is a game in which you assume the role of a classic fighting hero. It is comprised of nine episodes, which cover each phase of the story.

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The second version is Auto Hero: Chronicles. It is a completely new story written all by Chunsoft. As you progress through the game, you’ll uncover secrets and find out what triggered each scene and event in the story. It is quite a fun experience to be a part of.

Auto Hero is a game that is very easy to pick up and play. It does not have too many complicated storylines or ideas. All you have to do is to locate the items found around and utilize them to fight enemies and solve puzzles.

The story revolves around a boy called Ryu who lives in the countryside and happens to live with a large herd of wild animals. One day, he witnessed a mysterious thief stealing the hooves of a horse. Unaware of what had happened, the herd attacked the thieves who were being held prisoner inside an old house. As the hooves of the horse disappeared, the whole herd charged towards the house in pursuit of the thieves.


Auto Hero contains no weapons or attacks that require physical contact with the player like other fighter games. Instead, the player uses an unseen force to fight back each enemy. Auto Hero also does not make use of any of the traditional fighting strategies like blocking, dodging, and parrying. Every move in Auto Hero requires finesse and quick thinking on the player’s side, to be victorious over the enemies. You have a limited number of lives and once you are killed, you cannot return to the game. However, if you want to continue playing, you can purchase an additional life using real money or a credit card.

Auto Hero is developed by Chunsoft, a well-known video game developer. They have been making quality Japanese-style games for several years now. If you enjoy playing challenging games then this is a must-buy. Auto Hero will keep you entertained for quite a long time. It’s fun and addictive!

Auto Hero platformer MOD  has more than two types of heroes to choose from. There is the traditional Japanese fighting hero, who uses a sword and shield to do battle against the enemies. There is also the second type of hero, who uses a gun. You also have an army hero, who fights against the marauding forces using a machine gun. The choice is yours.

Auto Hero is not like other games where you select a hero and start fighting. In this game, your hero automatically joins your army and fights against the marauding forces. Once you are defeated, you lose your game. This is the only way you are randomly generated to start each battle.

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Auto Hero has a neat feature that allows the player to select which hero they want to play with. The hero you chose will be shown on the screen during the battle. This way, you can test out your hero before actually getting into the real fighting. This also helps new players get a feel for how to control the Auto Hero. It is easy to learn, and once you get the hang of it, the Auto Hero game is very exciting to play.

Auto Hero has many interesting features, but it is a fairly old game. Many of the games that are being made today use the latest technology, so Auto Hero is not quite as fresh in terms of graphics. That said, the game itself is a joy to play, and if you have an interest in history, it is a great game to play as well. I think many people who are not interested in history will enjoy Auto Hero just as much as those who are.