Avee Music Player Pro 1.2.101 (Premium)

Avee Music Player Pro

If you are looking for Avee Music Player Pro then you are in the right place. A lightweight music participant with folder search, equalizer, cross-tuning, and video playback function. Notable options include an audio viewer and easy HD video making.

While all viewers are highly customizable: color / shape / size / audio response / individual image and additional settings.

You can also import and export viewer templates as information and discover many different ones shared online.


  • Compatible with most popular multimedia codecs
  • Direct folder search with folder shortcuts
  • Customizable audio viewers.
  • Export viewer as an HD video file.
  • Library, queue, information, …
  • Avee Music Player Displays the screen orientation lock
  • Learn and save playlists (pla, pls, mp pl, pl, m3u, m3u8)
  • Lock screen and football widget
  • Helps checks of media and blue teeth
  • Sleep time
  • Equalizer
  • Crossfade and gapless transitions
  • Skins that color the user interface
  • 2 types of internal players


For starters, you don’t need to provide any permissions for the app to run on your devices. Install and start using the app on any Android device. Listen to unlimited music or watch video clips whenever you want.

However, if you want to access the online library, you need to connect your devices to the Internet. And for the global audio streaming service, the software will ask you to provide permissions for the microphone.

Amazing features

Here are all the great features the app has to offer:

Intuitive touch controls for convenient use

For starters, Android users will feel completely comfortable with the app thanks to its intuitive touch controls. Also, That said, you can easily use the handy gestures and touch controls to select in Avee Music Player Pro, edit, and adjust your music. Furthermore, users can also use the Bluetooth function to control other devices which is absolutely amazing

Quickly locate and browse your music libraries

Additionally, As you immerse yourself in the world of music, Avee Music Player can help users locate and explore their music libraries more conveniently. Also, Avee Music Player Pro said, you can start accessing your songs by browsing files in direct folders, searching for your favorite songs with the search option, browsing certain queues, and more. Quickly browse through the different libraries and enjoy your favorite music tracks whenever you want.

Interesting audio visualizers with brilliant animations

Moreover, to make the application more interesting, users also know interesting audio animations displayed. Also, This allows music lovers to fully immerse themselves in their songs. Hear and hear every beat with Avee Music Player Pro dynamic and immersive audio visualizers when you’re ready. Moreover, The application offers a variety of different viewers to choose from and listen to different songs, each of which has its own unique and brilliant animations.

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Additionally, for those of you who are interested, it is also possible to export certain viewers to HD video files, which you can upload to our online review whenever you wish. For instance, These would be great backgrounds for your next music videos.