Beat Jumper: EDM up! Apk MOD Download (Unlimited Gems)

Beat Jumper Mod

Ever wonder what is so special about the beat jumper Mod Apk: EDM Up! series? Well, here it is. This program is an update to the old beat jumper series but still keeps the same exciting features of the older versions. With the beat jumper, you are able to use more than just one player in a multiplayer game. Now you can play with two players, and the game will be a lot more fun and balanced with the use of more players.

In this beat jumper: EDM Up! version apk mod, you are able to choose from a number of players to play the game. You can switch between players easily and select any of them to take on the challenges that they present to you. The mod also includes a number of exciting achievements for you to earn while using the various players, as well as special items and other miscellaneous items for you to enjoy.

The latest version of the beat jumper has a number of exciting new features that make it an exciting mod for all who enjoy multiplayer games. For example, there is the option for you to choose between a male or a female player for your game. For females, the breasts have a much larger effect. If you are not in love with the chest, then this is the one for you. It will also increase the amount of money that you earn in the game.


You also get the option to change the voice that you are heard through your mic, from female to male, or any other option that you can think of. However, the male voice does include a unique voice of its own. There are a number of exciting achievements that you can obtain while using the beat jumper: EDM Up! mod. Some of these include:

  • You get to perform various tasks and stunts through the various stages. These tasks and stunts require a lot of skill and timing. You must be quick to get to the finish line, as failure to do so can result in you losing points or failing to get through an obstacle. There are many tricks in this game that involve running, jumping, and sliding. The sliding involves a lot of physical coordination and problem-solving skills. You must be able to move smoothly without taking too much time to get from one area to another.
  • You can use a grappling hook to pull down opponents. In order to perform the grapple hook, you must use the grappling rope that comes with the game. A lot of advanced players can use flails and spiked ropes. The more sophisticated players can even use other items that come with the game like the ladders and mini-cycles.
  • The music in this game is very funky, and it also has a lot of energy in it. The music has been made with lots of sound effects, and it adds to the excitement level of the game. The beat is also fast, and players will easily get tired of listening to the music if they do not have fun with the game.

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  • A gamepad is provided with the game that will help you efficiently increase your score without cheating. However, you can always bring a pad with you when you actually play the game! The beat jumper also provides you with leader boards. These leader boards are based on a points system. As your score improves, you move up the ladder and become one of the best!
  • There is a lot of hidden content in this game. The majority of it is in the form of pictures. This is because this game is more for entertainment than for educational purposes. However, there is also a lot of history lessons in this game, which make for interesting trivia. The history of the game covers the entire African continent, and you can use objects inside to discover the facts behind each scene.
  • Online leader boards are an important part of the game, too. You get a new badge every time you clear a stage. Plus, you get to see your performance on the leader board, and see how far you’ve come. You can even compare your scores with those of other players to see who the better beat jumper is! It makes for a very competitive experience!

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The music and the graphics are both excellent. The overall look and feel of the game are very modern, with very clean lines and lots of vibrant colors. The background music is catchy and fits the tone of the game well. One thing I don’t like about the music is that it tends to get annoying at times, especially during the difficult stages. Fortunately, you have the option of turning the music off.