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Ride, jump, activate the rocket – FLY! Download the Bike Hop mod APK now to launch your friend and his bike thousands of meters in the air and break your records. You can unlock new ramps, missiles, and equipment that your friend can jump over and then fly through the air over cities, beaches, UFOs, and more.



How far can you fly it? This is the purpose of the game: send it in flight as long as possible and then keep it there longer. It’s a simple game and, like most simple games, it’s addictive.

Touch, break records, use missiles

The graphics are animated, but well designed, just like Simpson. The sound effects are very good, making it even more fun when your boyfriend crashes from 1000 meters into the air and lands directly on the runway.

The purpose of the game is not necessarily to prevent your boyfriend from being hurt; but rather to shoot him in the air very high and very fast. In short, we do not recommend trying it in real life.

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How to Play Bike Hop?

To play Bike Hop APK, all you need is a good finger. You will have to hit the bike like crazy when it crosses the starting line to make sure you have the maximum race to the starting ramp. You will get an evaluation when you do it.

If you can run on the ramp; the next step is to detonate the rocket at your uncle’s as soon as you take off. You can also make sure your rocket explodes while you’re halfway up the ramp to start even more.

Now your boyfriend is in the air and passing through him with incredible speed. In the early stages, you will only cover about 100 meters, but once you improve your ramp and missile; you will be able to travel thousands of meters.

You can use all your missile fuel at once or let it slide for a while between explosions to maximize the amount of flight you get. We recommend the second method because you will end up covering more distances this way.

Once in flight, it will hurt like a bird until it can no longer rise; then it will collapse. When he hits the ground, they’ll take a disfigured Polaroid photo of him on the road. Sometimes another random guy will show up behind him, like Superman. Then you will receive a chest full of precious stones.

The trick is to continuously update your three statistics: ramp, racket, and offline winnings. This way, you will have a more balanced gaming experience. Both the ramp and the racket are needed to start the game at a good start; so you should not prioritize each other. Offline winnings can help you earn tons of money in the game; which you can use to buy new things for your boyfriend.

Free Download Bike Hop Mod APK.

If you prefer not to wait years to earn money, you can only download the Bike Hop mode: Unlimited Money and Gems. This mode will allow you to play without worrying about winning. Cheers!

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited money
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