Bit Life Simulator MOD APK

BitLife: Life Simulator MOD APK v2.7.2 (All Unlocked) Latest

For those who are interested in a realistic simulation game, BitLife – Life Simulator Mod Apk is definitely a great game to watch. It has everything you want with a life simulation game. You get a lot of different interactive features, which will give you a lot of fun. Read more about this amazing game with our reviews.

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 Name BitLife Mod Apk
 Compatible with Android 5.0+
 Last version 2.7.2
 Size 111.64 Mb
 MOD God mode, Premium unlocked
 Category Simulation
 Developer Candywriter, LLC
 Price Free
Bit Life Simulator MOD APK
Bit Life Simulator MOD APK


The game relies on its players to discover and shape their stories, so you are free to do everything in BitLife and your actions will determine which path you take. Start your life as a sperm. You have access to all the options related to your characters. Do everything you want, make your decisions and find out if it is right or wrong.


Here are some of the most striking features that we think every player  BitLife Mod Apk will please:

Personal statistics to assess yourself

In  Bit Life Simulator MOD APK, you, the players, have access to the actions and various decisions that ultimately make personalities your influence on statistics.


This is one of the most important statistics as it determines your happiness. As you stay happy, things are likely to happen as you wish and you will feel more fulfilled when you do things. On the other hand, lack of luck means that your characters are likely to suffer from depression. Makes it less effective in any activity in which it participates.


Healthy health is always a must if you want to live a satisfying life. This allows you to participate in more activities, increase your work performance and avoid a short and incomplete life.


People need to be smart to understand things that are happening around them. That said, you need to spend some time studying and learning new things so that you can increase your level of intelligence.


You are born with the faces your parent gives you. It can be ugly or beautiful, no matter what. In BitLife – Life Simulator everything can be changed. It only takes a little money to support you. That said, to improve your appearance, you may undergo plastic surgery, which may turn you into a Brad Pitt appearance. You can even change the gender if you think the boy is not suitable for a long time.

Various activities to enjoy

Since this is a life-simulating title, players have the opportunity to try everything and face your consequences.


These are probably the most boring activities, but since they involve money, you can not ignore them. You need money to run your business, buy what you want, and support your loved ones.

Bit Life Simulator MOD APK
Bit Life Simulator MOD APK


And occasionally clubs are a bad idea. Helps to reduce your stress as well as meet new people. Who could be your next parent? Furthermore, you will experience all sorts of situations while staying at the club, such as getting caught up in a fight, offering from another marijuana, and so on.

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it is important to keep your body in shape to look better and to withdraw from other people. Moreover, you can maintain your good physique by having a good fit. This can be helpful in certain situations, such as thieves visiting your home or fighting bullies, and so on.

Plastic Surgery

Another way to look beautiful is to go for plastic surgery. If you undergo a successful operation, you become a wonderful person. You have a better chance of finding an attractive date.


It is always the surest way to achieve success. However, learning processes are very laborious and tedious; it takes a long time to complete your training. If you can not stand it, there are other ways to be successful.


If you definitely do not want to study, there are certainly other ways to get rich quickly. And one of them is to go to the casino, where people put their lives at risk. Earn and you can earn a fortune that requires constant lifelong work. Lose and you have nothing left.

Committing Crimes

If you have not made enough money in the casino, chances are good that gambling is not your thing. Why not take your business elsewhere in this case? More specifically, criminal routes are not so bad for you. Well, if you have not been caught, of course. That said, you can make serious money by doing illegal things.


But for those who are unhappy and end up in prison, life can be a little dark. If you stay in prison, you do not have to do many things, which can eventually lead to poor health, dissatisfaction, etc.

So if you think you can not stand it, you can plan an escape to seize your freedom. Or you can ask to increase your sentences.

Interactive NPCs with realistic aspects

With many interactive NPCs with realistic elements, players can experience exciting relationships with other characters in the game. If you want, you can make it to your friends, a date or even your partner. Each character has a certain set of characteristics that identify them.

Bit Life Simulator MOD APK
Bit Life Simulator MOD APK


Depending on your preferences, this may be one of the most important or least important aspects.

The brightest

It will be very helpful to have a friend or partner as smart can be a brilliant solution to your problem. They are also easy to associate with and are likely to give you a happy life.


Although money is not everything, it is something you should not overlook. Having rich friends will be very good for your business as it can help you with many things. As for the partner, a wealthy partner will allow you to live a comfortable life without worrying about most things.


Every NPC in  Bit Life Simulator MOD APK has this feature. It shows how willing they are to do things that are not in their mind. While this can be fun, it seems that a strong relationship is not a good option.

Join in a relationship and start a family

If you think you have met the right person in your life. You two can put together and create your own family. You can have your own children or adopt others if you want to expand your family and make the family laugh more.

Quality and sound

Visually, the  BitLife Mod Apk has no visible graphic elements as the game is practically text-based. However, with a clean organization, you always have access to all the options. The sound effects are quite exciting, as they match the soundtracks in certain situations in your daily life.

How to install

Before continuing, we tell you that this MOD APK is different from the original application, so you will need to delete any previous version of this game if you have it installed. Just download the latest version of Bit Life Simulator MOD APK from the given link, install it on your device and that’s it. Don’t waste any more time and download the MOD APK of this game from the download button below.


So, in the next step, let’s assume you have successfully downloaded the Bit Life Simulator MOD APK file from the link above. There are many people who do not know how to manually install APK files on their Android device, if you are among them, you can follow the below given steps to install this MOD APK. Please note that the steps to install the APK are the same for all apps and you can also follow the same steps to install this mod APK.

  • First of all, remove any previous version of the game, if installed.
  • Now download the game from the link above and save it to your device.
  • Now go to Settings of your Android device and then open Security Settings.
  • In Device Manager, you will find an option called Unknown Sources, just turn it on.
  • After turning it on, go back to the download folder and locate the downloaded Mod apk file for this game.
  • Tap the file and click Install.
  • Now wait for the installation process to complete and once it is done you will be able to see the game icon on the main screen.
  • Just click on the icon and you will enter the game.
  • Now you can start playing this game without restrictions.



Without a doubt, it is one of the best mod apk of all time for smartphones and it is also very addicting. If you haven’t played this game yet, download it today and play once. You can download the latest version of this MOD APK directly from this page, which will allow you to play this game without restrictions. Keep visiting our THUG MOD for the latest updates on this game.

If you are having trouble downloading the MOD APK or installing it, please let us know through the comments below.