Best Clash of Clans Private Server 2021 | Latest and Updated

Clash of Clans Private Server 2021

Using our fast and secure server, you’ll be able to increase your skills in the original Clash of Clans game. With the assistance of Clash of Clans Private Server 2021, you will not only be able to build a larger army training base, building, tower, and superheroes, but also save time and money. Additionally, in the supercell server, you have to burn through a lot of time opening every choice. Make sure you don’t burn through your time downloading Clash of Clans Private Server 2021 and enjoying the game.


Private servers for Clash of Clans

You should have essential information about the Clash of Clans Private Server 2021 before downloading any clash of clans servers. Multiplayer server-based system games are based on CoC. You can’t appreciate the clash of clans otherwise if you don’t associate with supercell’s servers.

To use clash of clans’ full resources, you will probably need to invest a great deal of cash and energy if you play the game through the servers of supercell. Do not be stressed, I have the solution. You can enjoy unlimited gems, gold, elixir, and more by downloading clash of clans’ private server.

There are different attributes associated with each intermediary server. A few servers have astonishing speed, but you can’t make superheroes on them, while others will let you build your town in minutes. Making use of these servers will help you to make a stronger and more grounded power. It is important to note, however, that each server can be used separately.

Installing the private server for Clash of Clans on iOS

If you have an iOS gadget and you wish to play Clash of Clans Private Server 2021 at that point you should know that it is incredibly hard to introduce coc private servers on iOS devices since Apple does not allow you to introduce them.IPA files on iOS devices.

In any case, don’t stress as we have a solution for you all you need to do is follow some simple steps below then you can upgrade your iOS devices to run the private servers.

  • Your iOS gadget must be downloaded and set up with Cydia impactor.
  • IPA records of private servers for clash of clans can be downloaded here. Your iPhone and PC should be connected.
  • Choose your gadget from the Cydia impactor.
  • Copy and paste the IPA document into Cydia Impactor.
  • Please type your Official Apple ID.
  • You can now imprint the application as “trusted” in general settings.
  • It is important to set expectations so that this strategy is effective.


Clash of Lights

The server offers a light version of the clash of clans game. The server is extremely secured, so there is no risk of your security being compromised. Now that you have downloaded clash of lights server apk 2021, you can begin to appreciate the game. However, before downloading Clash of light mod apk, let me explain to you that there are 5 different versions. Please pick the best version based on your requirements. Tap on the connections underneath to get access to nearly all COL workers.

Clash of Clans Private Server 2021
Clash of Clans Private Server 2021

Different Versions of Clash of Lights

Here are the different versions of clash of lights apk.

Clash of Lights S1 APK

The first version of COL is the clash of lights apk s1. You will appreciate the lock assets of the game in this server because it gives you unlimited gems and gold. As a result, you can keep your attention on the game structure and invest your energy into preparing your watchmen instead of holding on to open bolted options.

Clash of Lights S2 APK

After server 1 is refreshed, servers 2 and 3 are refreshed. By blending the strength of some saints, you can blend the speed and the climate to play the game faster and create some custom heroes. This server offers a greater number of armed forces.

Clash of Lights S3 APK

You can create stunning castles and buildings in Clash of lights apk server 3 without wasting any extra time. By preparing your powers, you can make them more grounded. Yes, even you are capable of overhauling your troops to 500 or more warriors.

Clash of Lights S4 APK

Clash of lights apk server 4 lets you open electro mythical beasts and numerous other options within a few seconds after downloading the mod apk. There are several types of pinnacles you can make.

Clash of Lights S5 APK

Introducing the most recent server of the clash of lights, the Conflict of Lights apk server 5! Several outstanding features distinguish it. The municipal center can be improved greatly through it. Take advantage of all the resources provided for free.

You will have the capacity to download your ideal col server once you discover about these servers, so your game choices will be unlimited and you can make the most of your game.

Clash of Lights APK Features

Here are all the features of Clash of Lights:

  • Due to its security and swift interaction, the Clash of Lights is very well known. There is no need to wear slacks to play CoC.
  • You will be protected from programmers and infection attacks by Col.
  • The game offers infinite gold, gems, elixirs, and dark elixirs so you can unlock any option in the game.
  • It took a long time to open the character, heroes, and troops in the first CoC game, but with col mod apk you can do it within a matter of seconds. Your wasted time and why it is inconvenient.
  • The gatekeepers and structures in Col can be tweaked to your heart’s content.
  • You can truly make another ground-breaking saint by combining the forces of two legends and making a more grounded troop by combining their forces. If you are happy with the default legends, there is no compelling reason to use this option.
  • Various bolted highlights can be unlocked, for example, the Barbarian Tower, Witch Tower, Archer Tower, and Dragon Tower.

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How to Install Clash of Lights APK [ Full Guide]

Your gadget can be introduced with conflict of tribes mod apk in no time at all. Below are some straightforward steps you should follow

  1. A clash of clans mod apk can be installed easily on a smartphone.
  2. You can get the number one clash of light apk mod server by clicking on the link below.
  3. Right now, go to the settings of your smartphone and choose the security option, which will introduce unknown sources to your device clash of lights apk server. If you did not enable this choice, then you cannot introduce the col apk.
  4. You are currently in the download envelope where the apk document has been downloaded.
  5. To install clash of lights, tap on the downloaded app.
  6. You’ll be presented with a Col private employee in a matter of seconds, and you’ll be able to enjoy this tremendous game on your versatile.


Clash of Magic


Clash of Magic is another amazing and best private server for Clash of Clans. There are many well-known clashes of lights at that point. They both work similarly, but there are some differences between them as well. Using a clash of magic server 2021 will enable you to customize your game so it meets your needs.


With so many options, the game can be altered quite easily. The COM provides exceptional flexibility for customization. You will be amazed to discover that this clash of magic private server apk has more than 2.5 million establishments/installations because of its simple customization and general presentation.


Clash of Magic S1 APK

You need to download clash of magic server1 if you need to create some new heroes by combining the forces of 2 legends: that is COL server1’s claim to fame.

Clash of Magic S2 APK

The hall of magic is the server 2 name for the clash of magic. COM s1 has a lot in common with the Hall of Magic. In COM S2, you can undoubtedly change the entire game based on your preferences.

Clash of Magic S3 APK

A third server of the clash of magic is called the Power of Magic. As with other forms, it also has unlimited resources, but it does not offer hero customization. If you are not interested in customizing heroes, then this server is suitable for you.

Clash of Clans Private Server 2021
Clash of Clans Private Server 2021

Clash of Magic S4 APK

The second installment of the clash of the magic server is Force Of Magic 2. The server does not have COM capabilities. The default game without customization can be played at a decent speed by those who need it.

Select the best clash of magic server apk that will work well with your device and level up your position.

Clash of Magic Features

The following are all the features of clash of magic apk:

  • Its customization zone is incredibly basic and easy to use, which is why the clash of magic is so popular.
  • With a clash of magic, it is certainly possible to build new buildings.
  • Making another superhuman through the combination of two heroes’ powers is extremely helpful in the clash of magic.
  • All in-game buys will be free of charge in clash of magic apk. In this way, you can maximize your time without wasting it on gems, gold, and many buildings.
  • Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gold, and Gems are limitless and you don’t even have to work for them.
  • The CoC private server is capable of handling any kind of gadget.
  • Now that you are aware of the clash of magic servers, simply download the clash of magic apk from the following link.

How to Install Clash of Magic [Full Guide]

  • Afterward, you can download the clash of magic server from the connection below.
  • On the off chance that you have introduced the old adaptation clash of magic on your smartphone, remove it at present.
  • Make sure you have enabled the unknown sources option in settings before introducing the COC private server.
  • Firstly, go to settings, then click security, and then checkmark unknown sources to see if they are enabled or not.
  • Take a look at your downloaded clash of magic server apk record.
  • The installation interaction will begin in no time after you tap the apk record.
  • When you are installing your versatile, don’t be alarmed if it restarts intermittently.
  • At present, clash of magic is completely available on your smartphone, allowing you to download everything from the game store without any effort.


Clash of Souls

This clash of clans private server has stunning features that make it a stunning clash of souls server apk. Despite their differences, both clashes of light and clash of souls 2021 use C# as their programming language. Custom CoC private servers have a decent speed, making them the best custom server.

Clash of Souls private server apk allows you to take advantage of game resources without paying any penny. Make your faction and add your mates to your family so you can appreciate the COC. APK versions of CoS are available in four versions.

Clash of Souls APK Versions

Here is the list of all clash of souls apk versions. Latest and updated.

Clash of Soul S1 APK

This is Clash of Souls’s first episode titled “The spirit eater.”. In COS private S1, players can make changes in their game that need to be done. Custom heroes and hovels can be created here. Your military can be grounded even with another monster hero.

Clash of Soul S2 APK

In a clash of souls, the Clash of Heart is the second server. Conflict of souls private server 2 apk allows players to gain access to unlimited resources including gems, gold, elixirs, and dark elixirs. By combining two heroes from two regions, you can create another superhero.

Clash of Soul S3 APK

As part of the clash of souls, you can play the Clash of Speed. By using unlimited resources of clash of souls private server 3 apk, you will be able to increase the strength of your military troops. Download Clash of Clans Private Server 2021 now.

Clash of Soul S4 APK

A clash of souls server consisting of four servers is called Clash of Retribution. It is the server that has been most recently refreshed. There is nothing complicated or complicated about this app’s user interface. Clash of souls 4 apk can be used to open bolted resources.

Clash of Clans Private Server 2021
Clash of Clans Private Server 2021

Features of Clash of Souls

Here are all the key features of the clash of souls.

  • In this server, there is no restriction on customization, which is one of the reasons clash of souls mod apk is so popular.
  • Throughout your game territory, you can modify features. Things like rooms, superheroes, and so forth…
  • It is quickly and securely interactive, so you’ll appreciate it.
  • Because unlimited gold, gems, elixirs, and dull spells are accessible to open the bolted alternatives, you can open everything in the clash of souls private server.
  • A completely custom mod server for the clash of clans that will allow you to plan your entire municipal center according to your preferences.
  • The connection you will find underneath will let you download the clash of souls private server apk of your choice.

How to Install Clash of Souls

  • Thank you for having downloaded your #1 COS server apk document.
  • If you have installed the old adaptation of the first game or server, you need to uninstall it before introducing the private coc server.
  • To make our gadget appropriate for installation, we need to make a few changes to the settings. Go to portable settings and check the unknown source option under security.
  • Currently, our gadget is prepared to introduce the clash of souls apk record. Simply locate the downloaded organizer and tap on the apk file.
  • To begin the installation process, open the clash of souls apk file.
  • You will be able to utilize the cos mod apk as soon as you have authorized. It is similar to Clash of Clans Private Server 2021.


Clash of Null

Its name will make you think this is a slow server, but it’s a wonderful, fast server. Please don’t judge it by its name alone. Everything is bolted so you won’t need to waste time on it. You will be able to make numerous new superheroes with help from CON and train them in the developer.

Clash of Null Features

  • An established server with a fast speed.
  • Access a wealth of resources for ordering bolted alternatives (unlimited gems, elixir, gold jewels, etc.).
  • You can become stronger and more grounded by strengthening your powers.
  • With a single click, you can get to the heart of the city.
  • You can play tribe wars.
  • Using custom orders is a good idea.

How to Install Clash of Null

You do not need to worry about its installation process since it is straightforward.

  • You can install clash of null apk mod by downloading it and tapping on it.
  • Nevertheless, make sure that the setting for unknown sources is ticked in your phone’s settings territory.
  • If you are requested to provide consent, please do so.


Clash of Phoenix

This Phoenix-themed mod apk works best with a phoenix. You will be able to fly higher with those wings. The speed of the Clash of Phoenix 2021 is similar to that of the Phoenix. Therefore, you can enjoy stunning gaming experiences. There will be a lot of gems to help you advance to municipal center 12 within no time. The conflict of tribes server appears to be amazing and expedient, so you should try it out.

Features of Clash of Phoenix

  • The usage of this private coc server is incredibly straightforward.
  • Faster than a hawk, it moves at an extremely high speed.
  • The base developer provides numerous opportunities to learn.
  • Play the game store for free and get everything you need.
  • With unlimited troops, your players will grow.

Installation Guide for Clash of Phoenix [ Full Guide ]

  • Its establishment technique is incredibly convenient.
  • First and foremost, you must get the new apk straight from the link provided beneath.
  • From the settings, you can currently mark unknown sources as trusted.
  • After you tap on the downloaded document, the game will be introduced within a few seconds and you will enjoy the game.
  • When authorization is required, award the consent if it’s not too much trouble.


FHX Server

The reason I’m calling FHX one of the best KO private servers is the fact that you don’t need to root your gadget while using it, and it can be used both on iOS and Android devices. Here you will find a link for downloading the CoC private server; however, before you download this amazing server, let me tell you about some of its incredible features.

Features of FHX Private Server

  • Several Gems, Gold, Elixirs, and dark remedies will be distributed. Also, try Clash of Clans Private Server 2021.
  • With the FHX server, you can redesign each type of troop in CoC without investing any money or effort.
  • Pinnacles are fundamental in the clash of clans, as they allow you to improve your tower structure in the redone area and improve your game strategy.
  • It is possible to build your military up to 500 warriors and make it more grounded and amazing.
  • The most recent snares and designs will be very important to you.
  • So all you need to do is to download the latest copy of the game and enjoy it.

Guide to Install FHX Server

If you have introduced COC Private Server, you must uninstall it. A private FHX server can then be introduced.

  • The FHX server can now be downloaded using the connection given below.
  • NHX apk was enabled for unknown sources before introducing NHX apk.
  • If you can enable obscure source alternatives in settings, you can find the option under security. Mark it with a checkmark.
  • To introduce the application, tap on the fix worker mod apk document in the downloaded envelope.
  • Thanks for introducing the private server apk for clash of clans. Now you can reap the benefits of this endless resource.
  • The FHX server apk can be downloaded in a snap without tapping on any advertisements. Play this game without blocking attempts with an FHX server apk. You would need an android emulator on your PC so that you can play this game on it.