Crowd City MOD Apk v1.8.0 (Unlocked Skins) Download

Crowd city mod

At present, the competition in the gaming market is very high. This is reflected in the fact that many manufacturers offer rich game genres in exciting game content to attract more players. So players can choose the game they love. According to statistics, the production will have instructions to develop a favorite and installable game to further satisfy the player’s wishes. If you are looking for an exciting game that doesn’t take long, you should give Crowd City a try.

The game is designed in 3D style and according to the first perspective to help players to observe easily. This game does not design the character carefully, but only symbolically to somehow reduce the load on the game settings and for many players who play it. Also, the game is compact at only 271MB and this number for some current machines is not too large. Compared to games like PUBG or Arena of Valor, it is still much smaller.

The true crowd experience!

Another thing is that the game has all versions for all mobile devices and tablets so that the game can be widely received by users. And the fact is that the game is highly rated on the app store and receives a lot of installs. Apart from this factor, the game is quite simple and the way to play. The game won’t take long when you let yourself be discovered by the rules. The game takes place in a city where there are tall buildings. You will be a citizen of a city of a different color from the other players.

Become the Biggest Crowd in Town!

In addition to the “colored” people, there are a large number of more than 200 “colorless” people. Your mission will be to attract more colorless citizens to your team to create a large crowd. Whoever has the most people will be the winner. And attracting others is not that difficult when you go where there are people who are not of color, and they stand next to you, they will have the same color as you. So with just one screen navigation, you already have a certain number of people.

But one thing you should keep in mind is that the number of colorless people is scattered throughout the city so that each player has a difference between the numbers. Since your end goal is to create as many people as possible, you can add as many white people to your team, it’s the traditional way.

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Also, you can use your mob to destroy your opponent with a lesser amount of you. He leads his group to suppress other crowds. If they have fewer people, they will gradually withdraw their number. On the contrary, if they grow, their multitude will be devoured. Therefore, players must carefully consider the tactics to possess a powerful force for themselves.

Crowd City will surely be a game for you. With a simple game, it will help you have fun anywhere or anywhere. The game is always updated and you will have the opportunity to own many new skins like zombies, ninja … Install and make sure you enjoy.

Download Crowd City MOD (All Skins Unlocked)