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If you are here for Dodge Master Mod APK then you are in the right place. Are you a fan of Matrix movies? They have this fantastic effect in which the protagonist seems to stop time for a second and avoid all the bullets. This effect is extraordinary that we imitate all the time. But in the Dodge Master, you can do this alone to avoid numerous bullets from enemies. Have fun moving your body and avoiding bullets and then shooting enemies for money.

This is a fun game that allows you to adjust many parts of your body just before the bullets hit you to avoid this. Here you can’t bend or stop the bullets, but you can get out of the way! Simply put, it’s like having the Flash feature where you can see slow-moving bullets, so you can immediately avoid them like nothing. So you can shoot enemies!

Avoiding bullets

If you’ve seen the movie Matrix, you need to remember the popular sequence in which Neo seems to stop time for a moment and avoid all the bullets. In today’s movies, we can see that this effect is used quite often when superheroes bend their bodies to get rid of bullets. In Dodge Master Mod APK, you can enjoy this power by avoiding enemy bullets yourself. After that, you can shoot him so that the money falls to the ground.

In this Rollick Games game, you can enjoy a power in which you can avoid bullets approaching from any direction. Fight numerous evils while avoiding bullets by changing the angle of your body parts to perfection. This is a game that tests your avoidance and shooting skills. After eliminating the enemies, you can get the money yourself. This is a fun game in which there are several levels to play.

Also, you can update many aspects, such as ammunition, avoidance time, and earnings. This way you can complete more difficult levels and get more rewards.

Features of the Dodge Master Mod APK

In real life, it would be a miracle to be able to avoid a bullet given its speed. But in Dodge Master, you can pause for a moment to avoid it!

Get out of trouble

Have you ever wanted to be able to slow down time even for a short second? If this is possible, there are many scenarios in which it can be extremely useful. For example, in the Dodge Master, you can slow down the time exactly when you are hit by a weapon! Perfectly avoid bullets by moving parts of your body away from the trajectory and win. Here you will fight the enemies for money on the ground.

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This addictive game tests your reflexes and shooting skills. Once you avoid the bullets, it’s time to shoot your enemies! Aim for them and shoot them as fast as possible so that you can win the game. Many levels are waiting for you and each of them is a challenge. Improve your ammo, avoid time and win now.

Challenging levels

What if you suddenly had the ability to slow down time even for a second? This would be an essential moment in the Dodge Master Mod APK, as you will be able to avoid the bullets approaching you. Conquer many challenging levels in this game in which you will have to face more enemies and more weapons. There is no room for error here because you have to get out of the forest on time. Can you use your power to your advantage?

Move your body to dodge

This game is easy if you are familiar with movies and how to achieve this effect. Basically, it will move your body because there are moving parts highlighted with a circle. Then you will see the trajectory of the bullet in the game, which will be highlighted with a green laser. Stay away from the laser beam so you don’t get shot! But you have to be fast because there is only a limited time for your slow-moving power.

Improve many aspects

Sometimes you will have to face tough opponents who will shoot with powerful weapons and will have many people on their side. This is why you need to constantly update yourself to have a chance against them. Fortunately, you can improve your ammo, avoid time and win! Upgrading these costs money, but it will help you complete the levels and earn more!

Dodge Master Mod APK Mod Features

  • Unlimited money
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