Idle Tanks 3D mod apk

Download Idle Tanks Mod Apk 3D v0.28 Mod (unlimited money)

Idle Tanks 3D mod apk v0.8 is a new version of the popular tank game, where you can blow away enemy tanks with a variety of explosives, traps, and armaments. This time around you have to choose different weapons, which can be bought with prepaid money or earned from points accumulated throughout the game.

There are three difficulty levels in this game, from easy to difficult, and the top-level allows you to destroy tanks of two different types. If you are good at playing multiplayer games, you can easily get a hold of the high level as it will be easier for you to play against advanced tanks. The controls of Idle Tanks 3D v0.8 are simple, where you just need to aim and fire your tank gun at the enemies while adding shells to it to increase its speed.

Download Idle Tanks 3D

One of the most exciting things about this game is the use of realistic tactics and strategies, that will let you blast your way through enemy tanks and blast your way towards victory. If you have played other tank games before, you will surely understand the basics of the game and learn how you can control your tank.

The game mode of Idle Tanks 3D is divided into two parts. First is the single-player campaign, where you can only enjoy the action from the computer screen, where you will help the soldiers by destroying the tanks of the opposing army. The second part is the multi-player mode, where you can connect with other players online or fight it out in real life by competing against others.

However, you should know that both these game modes have their own specific rules and effects. If you are looking for an enjoyable gaming experience, the single-player game is the best option for you, while the multi-player battle is a good idea if you love to fight other tanks on the field.


Moreover, the Idle Tanks 3D mod also comes along with some exciting features, including customizable armor and weapons, multiplayer chat, and leader boards, which will allow you to connect with friends online or compete with them in the rankings.

The mod will let you develop your own tanks using the templates or custom ones. The customization works perfectly fine for all tanks except the Military School, which uses a different game mode. All the tanks have unique features and the mod provides detailed stats for every one of them. This is another reason why this game mode is the better choice for the players. In case you want to destroy more than one opponent, you can change the game mode into the tank wars mode. Moreover, this game has an extensive tutorial, which will help you get started easily.

While playing in the single-player game, you will not be able to command your tanks with keyboard commands. However, the advanced mode offers additional controls over the game options, such as controlling the camera movement. If you are a tank fan, you can enjoy close combat with your friends, or even participate in rallies using the rally map editors in the game. Moreover, you can easily build your own maps using the map editor provided with the Idle Tanks 3D Mod.

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The game allows players to select their favorite idle tank from a selection of the numerous models available. You can use the provided tanks for training or actual battles. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the XP of each tank, which will affect its performance during the battle.


As part of the game modes, the players can select the vehicles of their preferences. For instance, they can use tanks with a crew of three. Moreover, players can switch between the various views available for the tanks. For instance, they can use the camera view, or the tank’s gunner will be displayed in the third-person perspective. Moreover, the multiplayer mode provides a highly competitive play environment for players, where they can use any of the tanks of their choice.

The Idle Tanks 3D v0.8 Mod also features other exciting game modes such as the Endless War game mode. In this game mode, players have to defend the citadel against waves of tanks coming from all sides. Other game modes include multiplayer versus environment, which pits two teams of tanks against each other. The graphics and sounds are top-notch, and the game modes are great value for money.