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Download Knife Hit MOD Apk (All Unlocked/Vip) v1.8.11 For Android

If you are looking for a free video game application that has some really cool features and would like to download, Knife hit mod apk is one of those programs. This mod is based on the popular hit Ninja Time Pirates, so it features all the things you would expect from this game. It is a fairly decent video game as far as quality and features go.

You will find yourself playing it a lot because of the excellent graphics. Although they are not necessarily spectacular, they can make this game feel like it is part of your own living room. Of course, this type of graphics could probably be found in other games, but the fact that this mod has them, plus some cool new ones, definitely make it worth checking out.


Knife Hit MOD apk

One of the most unique features is the way that Knife Hit modifies some of the older games. In fact, it adds a whole new era to some of the older ones. It adds realistic 3D graphics, which are just great for showing off to your friends. In addition, it also includes a large variety of features that include; Survival, Ant Colony, and more. Let’s take a brief look at this mod’s features, and we will see exactly why you should download it.


The first feature that you will want to take a look at is the survival mode or the real-life simulator survival. This is where you can do various things in the environment, like collecting resources, building up your home, researching, or fighting.

The only problem is that you do not have many power-ups to help you with your progress. Fortunately, the mod provides nine power-ups that will help you get through the tougher levels, as the final boss of the game, and they are named; Power Sword, Plasma Cutter, Plasma Lance, Double Edge Pulse Scope, Fragile Fingers, Drills, Diamond Knife, and Diamond Gun.

Some of these power-ups can be obtained by collecting resources on the maps, while others can be bought from the marketplace. For example, you can buy the Double Edge Pulse Scope to use on the maps against bigger waves. However, you will need quite a bit of space in your system to collect all the resources, unless you use Knife Hit mod’s 2048 MB block of land.


The second feature that this mod provides is the ability to play Knife Hit at any difficulty, even while playing with a higher score. In fact, the biggest limitation is actually the block size, as having a smaller map would make it impossible to play at a high level with the usual difficulty settings.

You will also find a variety of skins for Knife Hit mod. These skins provide various effects to the game, such as custom-made icons, sounds. Some skins are a mixture of two different apks, while others are entirely different. To add them, simply open up the customizations folder found within Knife Hit mod’s installer, and select the skin of your choice.

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What are these power-ups? Basically, these features add a variety of new features to the Knife Hit mod, which makes it much more fun to play. For example, you can now activate a freeze motion effect, which will slow-move you through levels. You can also use a custom-made icon, which will appear on-screen during gameplay, like a character or an icon.

If you like the idea of customizing your game even further, you can earn money and use it to purchase skins for your profile. Like the weapons, you will be able to buy certain skins for Knife Hit mod according to the version you have purchased. However, there are new additions to this mod, and they include items like special knives, power-ups, costumes, and game boosters. Just like the weapons and power-ups, you can purchase new ones by earning money or purchasing the skins.

Download Knife hit mod apk

I really like Knife Hit Mod’s great visuals – it looks and sounds just like the original mod. There are so many new things that you can do with it that I’m sure you will really enjoy it. But hey, the game isn’t perfect, so you still need to do your part in keeping it updated.

The knife hit mod apk has always been one of the favorite top-rated apps on Play Store. So click on the LINK BELOW to download the game mod and enjoy its perks on your Android device!