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NetGuard offers simple and superior methods to block access to the web, without the need for root.

Features and addresses can be individually authorized or denied to Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Blocking access to the web can help:

  • Reduce the use of your information
  • Save battery
  • Improve your privacy

NetGuard For Android  Features:

  1. Easy to use
  2. No root required
  3. 100% open supply
  4. Don’t call home
  5. No monitoring or analysis
  6. No advertising
  7. Developed and actively supported
  8. Compatible with Android 5.1 and later
  9. Supports IPv4 / IPv6 TCP
  10. Compatible with tethering
  11. Optionally enable when displayed in
  12. Optionally block when roaming
  13. Optionally block system functions
  14. Optionally notify when the software accesses the web
  15. Optionally, use the software file community by dealing
  16. Material design theme with a soft and dark theme.

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PRO Features:

  • Record all outgoing visitors to the site; searching and filtering the input attempts; export PCAP information to search for site visitors
  • Activate/block private addresses via software
  • New software notifications; configure NetGuard immediately from notification
  • Show community pace graph in a permanent notification bar
  • Choose from 5 other themes in each soft and dark pattern

There is no firewall other than root that offers all these options.

Any questions?

Send an email to [email protected]

If you want to help people less fluent in English, you can help translate NetGuard into their language:

If you want to check out new options, you can join the testing program:

The provisioning code can be obtained right here:

Download The Latest Apk Version of NetGuard, A Necessary Tool App for Android. This application includes all the required bundles & safe to install.

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How to download?
Long press on download button and click on download link to start downloading
How to download?
Long press on download button and click on download link to start downloading