Nihilumbra Mod Apk

Download Nihilumbra Mod Apk v3.0 (Full Version) download

Nihilumbra mod apk is an exciting adventure game with new gameplay published by BeautiFun. You will explore the wonderful world of the game and join Born’s journey to find himself and try to escape his inevitable curse. With a mysterious story, you will experience dangerous and attractive levels. This game will give you unique creations with different puzzles.


The story of Nihilumbra may surprise you; It is like a nightmare for you, but it will help you discover a whole new world. You will start the game with a spirit in the form of a small black ball in a dark world; you will face monsters called The Void. To escape from this world, you must solve the game questions using the colors around you so that you can possess powerful abilities and transform the world.

However, those dark forces from the Void will not stop chasing you but will destroy everything in your path and send monsters to chase you. This is where your adventure begins and you must use your wits to escape the fate of the Void. Strive to escape from the dark world you’ve never been in and complete the missions to perfection.


You will be creative freely with the new gameplay of Nihilumbra. In order to solve the puzzles in the game, you must interact with everything in the environment and find the fastest way to escape. You can change the surface of the space with the colors you collect and paint on those surfaces with special effects.

There are five colors with different functions including blue, green, brown, red, yellow and you can use a way to solve the challenges in an ingenious way and. For example, the blue ball has the ability to freeze the ground; This property makes monsters slide when they pass, but it will help you move faster.


Five colors in Nihilumbra will help you complete missions and destroy monsters faster. You can jump more if you use the green ball that you collect after each level to draw on the ground and turn it into a spring mattress. Brown will turn the surface of the earth into a sticky layer; red will burn the ground, yellow will activate the machine. To get back all the colors you used, you will use the purple curl because those colors are limited.

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In some special cases, you can combine colors to use a combination of two functions at the same time. When you hit a high wall and you won’t be able to jump on just a spring mattress. So it would be better if you used brown paint on the wall to create stickiness and draw green underneath to turn the floor into a spring mattress. You can then jump and grab onto that wall and then drop onto the platform to jump higher, helping you get over the wall with ease.


The game provides the player with touch controls to move the character more smoothly and flexibly. To move forward or backward, tilt the screen sideways and tilt the screen forward to jump. Also, sometimes you will see white text appear on the screen while playing the game, which is Nihilumbra’s story. These inscriptions are likely to provide some troubleshooting tips for you to get through tough situations in the game.

Not only do you use color to solve those challenging puzzles, but you also have to combine it with your brilliant game and skillful control. However, some new players take a long time to get used to the game and incorporate color selection to solve puzzles.


The game space and game characters are designed with beautiful and very sharp 3D graphics, which makes players more attracted to their tasks. The gameplay images are dark and very bleak, creating a confusing gameplay mystery. The main character and the monsters have their own characteristics so that players are not confused.

Also, there are many different game environments so that players do not get bored like humid forests, dark caverns with hot meteorites or strange desert environments. Everything in the game has its own unique characteristics and makes the game attractive.