Where's My Water 2 MOD Apk

Download Where’s My Water? 2 MOD Apk (Hints/Power-Ups) v1.9.0

Download Where’s My Water? 2 MOD Apk from THUG MOD. Disney is the world’s largest entertainment and media group. They publish entertainment games for children: Appisodes, Star Wars, Pixar Stickers, … and Where’s My Water are the most popular games. After the success of Where’s My Water, the company released the second part of this fascinating puzzle game called Where’s My Water? 2 with more than 100 million downloads today. The sequel to the most addictive Disney game is finally out.

Where’s My Water 2 launches with three brand-new locations, including the sewer, the soap factory, and the beach. And best of all, it’s free. Dig the ground, create a path to bring fresh water, acid, and gas to help Swampy and his friends overcome the challenges.

Many challenging levels

Where is my water? 2 have over 100 challenges to try. Each challenge screen is a way to organize the obstacles, the different switches require the use of logic and creativity to find ways to help Swampy, Allie, Cranky complete the challenge. You have to overcome all the challenges. Of course, you can also reproduce the screen that went through higher performance. Duck Rush levels require you to dig as fast as possible and get as many ducks as possible. The slower it is, the more difficult it will be. Try to overcome these exciting challenges.

Support Articles

Three new ducks in the remake run faster, better, and more interesting with support items like Vacuum, Dropper, and Absorber. However, you will have to pay a small fee to use these support items. Also, when you come across a challenge screen it is too difficult for you to think of a way to play, this is the time when you can find help. Where is my water? 2 provides you with a feature to help you overcome challenges more easily. But this function has a limited number of uses.


Where is my water? 2 Support to connect with friends through the Facebook social network. Now you can see the achievements of your friends at challenging levels. You can pass your friend’s achievements by replaying that level. When you get great performances, you can share them on your site to show your friends

Mission system with exciting rewards. You will need to complete daily tasks to get special gifts. They can be new more beautiful interfaces during the game, changing the shape of the ducks!!

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Where’s My Water? 2 MOD Apk GamePlay!

How to register in Where is my water? 2 is similar to its first version, so anyone can easily play it, even young children. Players basically just have to slide their fingers over the area where I want to dig the dirt. On the excavated path, you will place liquids along that line around the map. Along the way, you will find different types of switches and obstacles.

Depending on the purpose, you can bring fresh water, acid, or air through these areas to activate the switches. Sometimes you can mix these substances to create new substances with special functions.

To open these switches, you must bring him some kind of substance. At the top of the game screen, there are several options for you. When you are faced with a difficult challenge and cannot find a solution, you can press the light button to get help from the system. Or, if you lose the wrong position, you can press the arrow button to play that level.

You have to try to carry the water through the ducks to collect enough ducks as the game requires. Also, bringing enough water to the bathroom to bathe the crocodile is a mandatory requirement if you want to win this game.


The game uses 2D graphics and a very colorful and striking color system. A clear game image and vivid sound have attracted many players. With a size of more than 100 m, where is my water? 2 requires Android devices from version 4.2.