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Earnin offers the opportunity for a new business to be able to offer a new product or service. In return, Earnin will pay their affiliates a commission for the sales they generate through the product or service. To earn cash online, sign up for as many or as few cards as you like, and sign up for an autoresponder.


Dine out with friends and family, or even attend a work-related function. There are many different types of restaurants that you can choose from. Dine at partner companies and shop at partnered merchants. Earn extra money instantly by shopping at partners, and access your earn money when you need it.

Earning Commission

The best part about earning commissions through the cards is the flexibility they give you. You can earn money automatically at any time, without having to wait for the next paycheck. It is not ‘free’ money, though. It is your own money – all without waiting for your boss’s next paycheck.


After earning commissions at your favorite restaurants, why not earn them while you’re enjoying your favorite foods while you dine out? Sign up for more Earnin Business Cards and choose more merchants to partner with. This way you can start earning commissions immediately at the restaurant of your choice! Once you have signed up for more Earnin cards, send an email to your partner merchant. Let them know how many people you intend to serve, and how much you plan to charge each time you are paid.

Auto pay

When you are ready to go home, send your partner an email stating that you will be home soon and you’d like to set up an auto-pay. Have a pen and paper handy, a napkin and a pen. After you receive the auto-pay invitation, write your card number down on the napkin. Then, just write your name in your email, and send it back to your partner merchant.


After receiving your auto-pay letter, simply go to your partner company’s website and click the link to set it up. Set up your card, and complete your auto-pay information. If you are using your Autoresponder, you can easily set it up and start earning commissions while you’re eating out or shopping. whenever you have free time.


When you’re ready to eat, check your email and click the link to set up an auto-pay. You’ll see your earnings appear automatically on your bank account within minutes! Once you’re done eating, check your bank account again. Now, go home and enjoy the delicious meal that you made on auto-pay! Once you’ve finished eating, access your earned money!


There are many ways to earn from your Earnin cards. Whether you need an extra credit card, or you’re just looking for an easy way to start earning money online, Earnin offers so many ways for you to earn online. It’s a no-brainer that you’ll find something that you’ll love doing!


The most popular way to earn with Earnin is through referrals. When you sign up for an Earnin Card, send an email to your partner merchant and tell them about you and how easy it is to earn commissions by referring them to Earnin!


There are so many ways to earn with Earnin, you don’t need to have your own websites. If you have an established online business, you could easily create an Earnin site to help others earn as well! For example, if you have a blog you could earn commissions for referring readers who would like to try out your new products.

Earnin Affiliate Program

Earnin also has an Affiliate Program. Through this program, you can earn a commission every time someone who signs up for one of your cards and sends your readers to their site, you earn a commission!


Earnin has many different options to help you start earning money online. You’ll quickly learn that it’s easier than you thought and you’ll earn a lot more than you expected!

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How to download?
Long press on download button and click on download link to start downloading
How to download?
Long press on download button and click on download link to start downloading