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If you are here for Extra Lives Mod APK then you are in the right place. This is a survival game that challenges you to come up with creative ways that you can use to get around voracious zombies and ruthless people. It allows you to establish relationships with more than 200 characters, allowing you to create an invincible synergy.

The Extra Lives game has unique 3D graphics and interesting locations. As such, you can be sure that you will enjoy a captivating and adventurous game throughout the process.

Even better, you can download Extra Lives for Android and access all the features of the game through your mobile device.

Exciting game

This game has 8 warrior groups that contain 200 unique characters. Each of these factions has special beliefs and techniques for solving the prevailing world problems.

When you join Extra Lives Mod APK, your main role will be to restore order in the region. Be sure to bring all the fractions together to move the area to a common goal. To achieve this, you will need to explore more than 50 different locations.

However, the journey to restore order will not be easy!

You will be asked to collect interactive articles to help you explore. Make sure your device has unique techniques for exterminating enemies. This way, you can be sure that you will achieve your goals without any problems.

Some of the fiercest opponents you’ll encounter along the way include zombies and heartless people! As such, you need to improve your fighting skills if you want to succeed in the game.

Interestingly, you can choose how many zombies you want to fight in the beginning. This allows for a slow construction in the game as you collect weapons and acquire unique fighting skills.
Also, the game incorporates an exceptional fighting system derived from the remarkable Wrestling Revolution series. This allows you to summon unique abilities that will speed up your game.

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Simple commands and a Simplified user interface

Whether you’re playing in Deathmatch or Classic mode, you’ll need simple controls to make sure you enjoy every minute of Extra Lives Mod APK, right?

Fortunately, this game has simple controls designed to allow you to focus on the game. Here’s a simple guide to orders:

  • Red Fist Button – This button allows you to attack from both sides.
  • Manual blue-button – Allows you to lift or release with both hands
  • Press both buttons. When you press both red and blue buttons, will invoke the use of anything you hold. Also, you can combine all the items you have in each hand!
  • Press both attack buttons- to grab your opponent.
  • Double-tap– Results when running in any direction
  • Touch the clock- This helps you take a break

You can also reach the health indicator if you intend to sleep. This will help you regain your energy, which will be crucial to help you accomplish your missions.

Free Download Extra Lives Mod APK.

The modified version of the game offers more outstanding features that will greatly improve your gaming experience. You will have more energy to participate in your missions without getting tired quickly.

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