Fire Strike Online Mod Apk v3.45 (Mega Menu) For Android

Fire Strike Online MOD Apk

Fire Strike Online mod apk is a high-speed, team-based free online combat simulator game based on first-person shooter games. You have to utilize your skills and special abilities to win over the enemy. You have a wide variety of weapons available, which can be used either manually or electronically.


App Name Fire Strike Online
Publisher Eikon Games GmbH
Genre Action
Size 382M
Latest Version 2.41
MOD Info Mega Menu

Fire Strike Online MOD Apk

Fun Battle Game

Your main objective is to clear all maps and achieve a level up before you progress to the next level. You can also purchase upgrade packs for your equipment so that you get the best weapons and armor. If you want to buy the Fire Strike Online mod for your Google Android phone you can do so at the Google Android marketplace.

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Fire Strike Online APK is a free shooter games mod. This has been released in 2021 and is still being updated. It has many exciting features like unlimited money, new weapons like assault rifles, shotguns, pistols and hand grenades, and much more. The mod has been downloaded by many users from all over the world because it has an amazing visual quality. The fire-fighting features are very impressive.

Unlock Different Weapons

Fire Strike Online APK is one of the best free android mods and you can download it at any time you want. Before you download, there are some things that you need to consider. Make sure that you have enough space on your device for the mod.

You don’t want to lose your work or data if you accidentally deleted the entire fire-fighting mod. This is a paid app, so don’t let the size of your device be your decision-making process.

Fire Strike Online MOD Apk

Defeat Your Enemies

Many people have enjoyed the free fireman mod, so don’t worry if you’re downloading unlimited content, it’s worth it. After you downloaded and installed the mod, you can now choose from any of the four different fire stations available.

These stations are the exception rather than the rule because most of the fire station maps are very similar. In this respect, the mod is unique. You should see all four starting fire stations on the map, but if you’re impatient you can just start from the closest one.

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Fire Strike Online mod apk has a few requirements. If you’re going to follow the instructions on the download page, you won’t have any problems, but if you encounter any problems you can contact the developer through the comment section. He’ll be glad to answer your queries. Otherwise, he’ll ask you to re-download the mod and reinstall it.

The fire fighting feature requires you to use your bow. It doesn’t matter how good a marksman you are, you will not have any chance of survival without using the bow. This is because arrows won’t do much damage to the fire. bows have also been rebalanced so they are more effective than they were in previous versions.

Fire Strike Online MOD Apk

Customize Your Weapons

The stealth feature is also very interesting. You will be able to sneak up on your opponents when they least suspect it. To use this you will need to wear a pair of goggles that mask your eyes completely. The mod also includes a new melee feature: knives. These work pretty much like the ones you see in real life.

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The most exciting aspect of Fire Strike Online is the role-playing element. Players take on the role of either a sharpshooter or a medic. Once you have chosen a character, you start firing striking enemies to save your comrades. However, if you want to score more points you will have to get as many kills as possible.

Fire Strike Online MOD Apk

Different Amazing Maps

This game also comes with several challenges, such as a tower defense game. You will need to clear several rooms and continue to protect your base until all the waves have been cleared. There will be an occasional

boss battle as well. However, there is nothing spectacular in the way of gameplay. The graphics are quite plain and even the audio can be a little flat.

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Despite its poor graphics and basic functions, Fire Strike Online still has a lot of fun to offer. However, it would do you good to download the mod from a reputable source. A good mod developer will give you both the ability to create your profile and fight alongside other players.

Also, a mod can often be added at a very low cost. All in all, this is a fairly decent mod that you can play for free, but just remember to check the fire strike online mod apk after downloading.


1. MOD Menu
2. No Gravity // Removes Gravity
3. Speed Multiplier // Increase Movement Speed
4. Jump Height Multiplier // Increase Jumping Height
5. Set FoV // Custom FoV
6. Aim Assist // Increase Aim Assist
7. Outline Wallhack // See Enemy Outline behind walls.
8. No Recoil // Removes Recoil
9. No Spread // Removes Weapon Spread
10. No Flashbang // Removes Flashbang Effect
11. Enemies won’t Shoot // Only against AI
12. Red Crosshair // Crosshair turns red when aiming at the enemy
13. No Ads // No Ads after finishing Match

How to install

Before continuing, we tell you that this MOD APK is different from the original application, so you will need to delete any previous version of this game if you have it installed. Just download the latest version of this MOD APK from the given link, install it on your device and that’s it. Don’t waste any more time and download the MOD APK of this game from the download button below.

So, in the next step, let’s assume you have successfully downloaded the apk file from the link above. Many people do not know how to manually install APK files on their Android device, if you are among them, you can follow the below-given steps to install this MOD APK. Please note that the steps to install the APK are the same for all apps and you can also follow the same steps to install this mod APK.

  • First of all, remove any previous version of the game, if installed.
  • Now download the game from the link above and save it to your device.
  • Now go to Settings of your Android device and then open Security Settings.
  • In Device Manager, you will find an option called Unknown Sources, just turn it on.
  • After turning it on, go back to the download folder and locate the downloaded Mod apk file for this game.
  • Tap the file and click Install.
  • Now wait for the installation process to complete and once it is done you will be able to see the game icon on the main screen.
  • Just click on the icon and you will enter the game.
  • Now you can start playing this game without restrictions.


Without a doubt, it is one of the best mod apk of all time for smartphones and it is also very addicting. If you haven’t played this game yet, download it today and play it once. You can download the latest version of this MOD APK directly from this page, allowing you to play this game without restrictions. Keep visiting our THUG MOD for the latest updates on this game.

If you are having trouble downloading the MOD APK or installing it, please let us know in the comments below.