FIST OF THE NORTH STAR MOD Apk (God Mode) Download

Fist of the North Star Mod

The Fist of the North Star Mod is an exciting science fiction modification for the Android universe. The mod is developed by galaxy-builder Nixxes Team based on the famous Kim Possible video game.

The makers of this mod have taken every opportunity to create a game that will stand on its own as a worthy sequel of the classic hit. That means a whole new cast of characters, an all-new story, and all-new gameplay mechanics. In short, it’s going to be a huge package of fun.


If you’ve enjoyed the first two Fists of the North Star games, then you’ll love this third one. In fact, this third release is in many ways a PC version of the first two. This is because the developers went ahead and made the game compatible with the Android system. Of course, you could always just download and play on a standard computer, but why not spice things up a bit more? The fist of the north star mod brings back the old physics-based action that you loved from the first game.

A single character will wander around the map, looking for enemies and collecting items. When an enemy appears on the screen, a notification will appear letting you know which way to attack them. Once you’ve figured out how to take down your target, the game will move on to the next. For example, once you’ve dispatched an enemy, you can go after a different character on your fist of the north star mod. It’s a great way to expand your gameplay as you find difficulty levels you’ve never experienced before.

The first version of FIST of the North Star was limited to ten levels only, but the developers managed to add another twenty-four levels by adding new features and balancing the game. The most impressive feature is the “autosave” function. Even during boss fights, the game will automatically save your progress so you can come back and do it all again if you want to. I personally like the level editor, but the autosave feature is nice as well.


I particularly like the first-person view. There aren’t any maps or even walkthroughs – everything is done from a first-person view. Although the first-person view is nice, it doesn’t do justice when trying to tell what the story is. There are still plenty of tutorials to be found online, but having played the game many times, I can tell you that the story is pretty boring. There are few weapons and items to collect and very few enemies to fight.

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Another thing that the Fist of the North Star Mod doesn’t have is a multiplayer mode. The idea is that you’re playing the game solo, but it seems like it would be a lot of fun to be part of a real-life star-filled battle against the evil Gingerbread Man. Unfortunately, the mod doesn’t have that mode available yet, so you will just have to play the game as it is. Although I would love to be able to jump into the game and help someone along, it looks like that won’t be possible anytime soon.

Download Fist of the North Star Mod

One cool feature of the Fist of the North Star Mod is the leader board. It’s got six leaders, three of which are currently on the top. You can change your leadership every so often, which helps make the game more interesting. That way, you never know who will actually get the top prize. The last two leaders are Bad Angel and Winter, both of whom seem to be leading the pack right now. The best part is that you get special weapons and power-ups for each of the leaders, so you can actually get a little extra help depending on who gets the top spot.

The Fist of the North Star Mod is definitely one of my favorite Star Wars mods to date. It has a great story, great graphics, and is one of the most fun Star Wars games to ever be released. If you have a PC that can handle the game, I would definitely recommend giving it a go.