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I have no doubt that the game I am about to introduce will be a popular children’s game from all 8X and 9X generations. It is none other than Fruit Ninja Classic, a classic fruit cutting game highly sought after throughout the ages. Years ago, when the Internet was not in vogue, this game was born and has become a family entertainment game for gamers. To date, the game has undergone numerous gameplay revisions to unused levels and offers a classic interface that players can find.


It can be said that Fruit Ninja Classic has become familiar and has its roots in the passion for entertainment of some players today. However, this version of the game has made great strides and brought the greatest success. Having an interesting game, you just slide your hand across the screen to use the game.

In addition, an equally unique graphical interface has also been designed with a variety of colors. The player transforms into the character of Ninjia, in charge of cutting all the fruits in the game. Usually all the fruits you normally see appear here.


Are you worried that you won’t be able to become a professional Ninjia at Fruit Ninjia Classic? Everything becomes easier when you ask your best friend another question. Almost all players have the opportunity to become professional Ninjia. Over the course of many times, your skills and gameplay have risen to new levels and you can compete with others in multiplayer. Here you show your courage through the game screen and swing your hands freely to cut the broken and flying fruit. However, be adept at moving your fingers to cut them accurately.


Fruit Ninja Classic also has gameplay like many other regular games, with full game levels from easy, medium, and extremely hard. If this is your first time playing, we recommend that you choose the easiest level to master the skill. Once you get used to the game, skip the mid-level deer challenge with the hardest level. The higher you go, the more obstacles will appear like time bombs that will destroy the whole process that you are playing in that level. Slice multiple fruits at once to double your score and relieve time pressure.


Fruit Ninja Classic supports multiple bonus points that players can use for different purposes on each game screen. You can use it to increase your superpower. From there the trail gets smooth and cuts you quickly. Buy more energetic bananas to discharge the electricity that disables obstacles, especially multi-slice grenades. Also, use Proton Pack cutters to build diagonal cuts and traps. Players can create a group of fruits with 10 consecutive fruits, try the risk to show their skills. From there, creating the most legendary tornadoes of all time.

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Normally when you start the game you will see the game interface preset with portrait mode. However, to satisfy the fun of entertainment, players must expand the screen for more amazing continuous fights. Players can also see clearly and have more motivation to conquer the next levels.


However, high scores and fast pass levels are always the ultimate goal of the player. However, know your skills and trust the best tricks to easily overcome them. To begin with, you should not do long movements when impediments arise. While obstacles can’t defeat you in Arcade mode, the other modes hit the bomb once and you have an instant endgame.

Therefore, try to perform short and neat maneuvers when obstacles appear. Additionally, in Arcade and Zen modes, players must choose Peachy Times to improve their score and extend the countdown by a few seconds. Finally, use one finger to move, avoid the case that many fingers cover the face loss of vision leads to sharp grenades.


In fact, the star is an image that simulates the currency of the game and its purpose is to buy multiple types of add-ons and enjoy the multiple benefits it offers. However, to obtain a large amount of that coin, the player must complete all the required objectives. The players are not too concerned, as they are usually great goals and have different gifts. He advises players not to put too much emphasis on bonus points, but instead focus on how they play. Let’s show ourselves to bring back lots of extra valuables.

Download Fruit Ninja Classic MOD (Unlimited Gold/Money)