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If you are here for Google Classroom APK then you are in the right place. With the current pandemic situation, most schools are learning virtually. For this reason, in the past few months we have seen many people using Zoom and Skype.

But if you want to create a virtual classroom, Google Classroom is the best app to use! Created by Google, this application has all the necessary functions that you can use to create a healthy environment for students and teachers to take lessons.

While nothing beats physical lessons, the best are virtual ones. This is especially true since we are in a pandemic right now. These classes are easy to set up, cost nothing, and are highly customizable. Here you can set up different topics, organize and add students, distribute assignments, communicate effectively and more. You can also wear it for work or personal use!

Create virtual classes

Schools are an essential part of any country. They are the place where people learn from children to adulthood. They will learn a lot of topics, communicate with different people, make friends, etc. But what happens when schools suddenly close due to a pandemic? The answer is to create virtual classrooms with Google Classroom APK! Here you can do pretty much anything you can do in classrooms in real life.

For example, you can create classes for different subjects like history, geography, math, science, English, etc. Your students can then participate in these classes using the codes provided. And here you can take lessons easily and in a more organized way than without using anything.

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Here you can add students and teachers, add subjects and topics, add assignments, announcements, and much more. You just need to use a G Suite for Education account, which costs $ 4 per month and you can now have virtual classrooms. Easily create a learning place for students in one seamless app. Learning has never been easier with Google Classroom!

Google Classroom features

Since the start of the pandemic, most schools around the world have been forced to close. But that doesn’t mean students can’t learn! With the help of Google Classroom, students and teachers can give lessons easily.

Create virtual classrooms

Schools are an essential part of any community around the world. They provide students with a learning place where they can cultivate their skills and knowledge. For teachers, this is a place where they can impart their knowledge and earn a living. But due to the current situation, most of the schools cannot function normally.

So the solution is to do everything online. But to make things super easy, you can use Google Classroom to create virtual classrooms! This application allows you to easily create and classify subjects such as history, math, English, and even the more advanced ones.

Add subjects and topics

In Google Classroom APK, you can easily create different classes according to your needs. You can create courses such as Biology, Mathematics, English, Financial Education and many more. Basically, you are free to create as many classes as you need.

Within these classes, you can create different themes to help you get organized. So you can also assign a lot of things according to your needs. This feature is very necessary for all schools right now.

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