Heroes Strike Moba MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) Free Download


Heroes Strike MOBA MOD APK is the newest exciting free-to-play mobile game on the market. It is created by the very famous game developer, “WolfFun”. If you like your online games very much then Heroes Strike is one of the best games in this genre. It is a highly action-packed game where you have to build your character up with lots of different gears.

About This Game

App Name Heroes Strike
Publisher Wolff
Genre Action, MOBA
Size 96MB
Latest Version 522
MOD Info Unlimited Gold/Gems


Heroes Strike Mod Apk: Free to play MOBA with the internet needed, you found it! In Heroes Strike, you are not supposed to kill the other players just to get the highest score, instead, you have to buy the weapons and build them up, which gives you the extra score points. The actual and idealistic goal of Heroes Strike is building the strongest character you can. Some of the Strike Table of Contents are as given below

Heroes Strike mod has an unlimited money system. Here you need to buy the weapons and armor of your character so that you may be able to level them up. And you can also buy the skill points and buy additional skills and talents to boost your game. You will need real cash to purchase all the things that are available in Heroes Strike modding.

Heroes Strike MOBA MOD APK


Heroes Strike Graphics: World-renowned visual artist, Biogen, has designed the Strike graphics. A lot of thought and patience went into the designing of the Strike graphic designs. You can choose from many different themes and set of colors, the actual Strike screens are colorful and lively and it gives a real thrill to play the game. Moreover, the game has very good sound effects and it gives the game a real-life-like touch, where you feel that you are on the battlefield fighting the Heroes.

The game graphics are truly superb and the game modes are really unique. The game modes are divided into two and are the Story mode and PvP/coop mode. Story mode allows you to control your own destiny by choosing your own Heroes and doing your own adventure quests and go on raids and battles.

Heroes Strike MOBA MOD APK


You can use many Heroes to play a particular Role, so depending upon the kind of role you choose you can play it accordingly. Heroes Strike mod has unlimited money, so you do not need to buy anything else, just install the Strike mod and enjoy playing with it for many months.

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Heroes Strike Moba Game: The Strike MOBA game has some of the best quality of MOBA games available. This game has a very nice and unique storyline and it gives a real-life feel to the players. Heroes Strike mod has been developed with great care and detail. You can select from two game modes Story mode and PvP/coop mode in Heroes Strike. You can get access to Heroes Strike after purchasing Heroes Mod.

Strike MOBA MOD APK also features a great gameplay concept, which is based on many different IPs, which in turn have been remade and enhanced to ensure the maximum level of interaction.

Heroes Strike MOBA MOD APK


There are many different Heroes to play within Heroes Strike. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages and you can use them according to your own strategic plans and strategies. In addition, the game modes allow you to select your characters’ weapons and equipment and can also customize your character by choosing a set of equipment, hairstyle, voiceover, skin color, and so on.

You can also create and save up your own custom character and then play it online against other players. Heroes Strike mod also features the popular online multiplayer game modes allowing you to team up with other players and take on the other side with you. You can even custom design your own profile, which includes your abilities, clothing, weapon, and many other details.

Moreover, the Strike mod has all the famous licensed cartoon characters such as Batman, Superman, The Hulk, The Phantom, and many more. You can also choose between various Heroes to play within the game modes. It has all the best qualities that you can expect from a top-class video game: amazing 3d graphics, amazing animations, and cool game modes with an exciting storyline and awesome characters.

Download Online Version 

MOD v1:
Use currency without reduction

MOD v2:
1. Free Gem Change To Coin to Upgrade

NOTE 0: The mod only works when you are online, if you exit the game, the money will decrease.
NOTE 1: Sometimes errors, u need to wait a few seconds before use again.


Download Offline Version 

You can choose locked skills;
You can buy gold with diamonds even if you don’t have enough of them.
Go through the tutorial in the original, then install the mod without deleting anything.