Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin MOD

Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin MOD v1.6.4 Download (Unlimited Money)

A newly released mod for the hit PC game hit by the name of Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin MOD allows gamers to play as an elite assassin in the Medieval warfare game. The mod enables players to be able to choose from two different weapons: either a battle ax or a two-handed sword.


App Name Hit Master 3D
Genre Action
Size 80.90MB
Latest Version 1.7.7
MOD Info 1.7.8 / Mod: Unlimited money, No ads

This weapon can also be configured to have a one-handed sword, one-handed mace, or even a two-handed dagger. Furthermore, the hit master 3D: Knife Assassin mod allows players to change their hairstyle and facial expressions using the in-game player’s customization options. Here are some of the more interesting aspects of this mod that many players appreciate.

Conquer Challenges

Unlike the game where one has to use the same weapons throughout the game, the hit master 3D: Knife Assassin mod changes the weapon used throughout the entire level from the beginning until the end of the game. The changes are very drastic and allow players to play with different weapons at certain times of the game.

They can choose a different weapon for each level except the very last one, making it a lot more engaging and interesting to play. It is also interesting because at the start of the game the assassin can use bows or swords to attack his opponents, but in the final level, he can instead use the same two weapons that were used at the beginning.

Hit Master 3D Mod Apk

The other weapon in the game that can be customized using the in-game hit master 3D: Knife Assassin mod apk is the flying knife. Players can customize this weapon by replacing the handle, blade, and locks using one of the various designs available. The flying knife is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and can be considered a necessity in the level which requires using a few strong attacks to take down opponents. There are four designs available for the blade of the flying knife, which all have different effects.

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The first is the hilt, which allows gamers to increase the defense power of the weapon. The second design available is the guard, which decreases the number of hits that the assassin gets from enemies. The last one is the blade, which deals additional damage when used by the player. Each of these weapons has different levels of durability, meaning that gamers will be able to make use of them for a longer period before they break.

To maximize the capabilities of the blade, it is recommended that they be used in conjunction with another weapon, such as the parry. This will allow gamers to maximize their abilities in stealth and get the most amount of kills in the shortest amount of time.

To fully take advantage of the skills of the hit master 3D: Knife Assassin mod, it is recommended that they play the game in the highest quality settings. This will ensure that they get the best experience out of the mod, and it will also increase their skills.

When the game is played in low-quality settings, there is a decreased contrast between the color combinations used, which will reduce the quality of the graphics. As a result of this, gamers may find that the entire game is less enjoyable due to a lower level of quality.


The Hit Master 3d: Knife Assassin Mod

The hit master 3d: knife assassin mod can be downloaded for free from the official hit master 3d website. There are several steps that users need to follow to successfully install the mod on their system. After downloading the mod, they should activate it by launching the Windows Installer. It is then recommended that users close all unnecessary programs and files that they are not using. After that, they should restart their computer and launch the hit master 3d: knife assassin through the steam application. The installation process should be completed within a few minutes, after which the game should be ready.

The content of the hit master 3d: knife assassin mod is primarily located inside the main folder of the game. It is a common practice for all players of the hit master 3d: knife assassin mod to modify the content of this folder to customize the game, so users need to back up the contents of this folder to ensure that they can continue to play the mod if they encounter problems with the mod.

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The contents of the folder can be edited by clicking on the “mod” icon that is found inside the game. After that, a new menu should be displayed. Users are encouraged to click on the “read me” button to be provided with detailed information about the mod.

By making use of the custom hit master: knife assassin apk file, players can easily change the various features and the appearance of their assassin classes. However, users should back up the contents of the folder before they make any changes to the files inside it. This will ensure that no unexpected changes occur after the mod has been installed.

How to install

Before continuing, we tell you that this MOD APK is different from the original application, so you will need to delete any previous version of this game if you have it installed. Just download the latest version of this MOD APK from the given link, install it on your device and that’s it. Don’t waste any more time and download the MOD APK of this game from the download button below.


So, in the next step, let’s assume you have successfully downloaded the apk file from the link above. Many people do not know how to manually install APK files on their Android device, if you are among them, you can follow the below-given steps to install this MOD APK. Please note that the steps to install the APK are the same for all apps and you can also follow the same steps to install this mod APK.

  • First of all, remove any previous version of the game, if installed.
  • Now download the game from the link above and save it to your device.
  • Now go to Settings of your Android device and then open Security Settings.
  • In Device Manager, you will find an option called Unknown Sources, just turn it on.
  • After turning it on, go back to the download folder and locate the downloaded Mod apk file for this game.
  • Tap the file and click Install.
  • Now wait for the installation process to complete and once it is done you will be able to see the game icon on the main screen.
  • Just click on the icon and you will enter the game.
  • Now you can start playing this game without restrictions.



Without a doubt, it is one of the best mod apk of all time for smartphones and it is also very addicting. If you haven’t played this game yet, download it today and play it once. You can download the latest version of this MOD APK directly from this page, which will allow you to play this game without restrictions. Keep visiting our THUG MOD for the latest updates on this game.

If you are having trouble downloading the MOD APK or installing it, please let us know through the comments below.