how to earn money online with google

How to earn money online with google in 2021

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Most people are earning a lot of money on Google Adsense. Because it is the easiest and fastest way to earn money easily in 2021. The most important thing here is that there is no chance of being scammed. Most people say that any website or any mobile application has scammed them.

They spend a lot of their time and efforts to earn money there, but unfortunately, they came to know that this website or this application is a scam at the time of withdrawal. That time makes you demotivated. So here, there is no chance of being scammed.

Google Adsense

Earn money online with Google AdSense. Google Adsense provides the facility to earn money online in 2021. They provide us different ads to place them on your website. The more impressions and page views you get, the more money you will earn.

Now how it works?

  • Firstly to work on Google AdSense, you must have your own website.
  • Your website must have good and unique content.
  • It must meet the requirements of Goggle AdSense.
  • When you think that your website is eligible for AdSense, then apply for Google Adsense.
  • Before applying, you must read the AdSense program policies first.

When you apply for google AdSense, you have to wait for some days. Adsense will review your site and reply to you within 14 days. If they found your website eligible for AdSense, they will send you the congratulations message, and you will start working on the AdSense.

But if they found some policy violation or think that your website is not eligible for the AdSense, they will send you the error message in which they also tell you the error or why they are not approving your website. But don’t be worry about rejection. Just check why AdSense rejects your website.

After this, When you think that now that error or tat policy violation has been removed, you can again apply your website for Adsense. That time, maybe your website gets the congratulations message from Google Adsense.

Traffic For Website

Now, most people think that they are not getting a lot of traffic so that Google Adsense will reject them. That is wrong. For AdSense approval, you don’t like any traffic. You can approve Adsense on any website no matter how much traffic that website is getting. If that website has “0” traffic, but that website is eligible for AdSense, Google will approve it.

Similarly, If the website has millions of traffic but has a policy violation on that website, Google will not approve it. So it does not matter how much traffic you are getting. Your website must meet all the requirements of Google AdSense, and they will approve your website.

Why Choose Adsense?

Now, most people say why we choose AdSense for our website. There are a lot of other AdSense alternatives are available like Adsterra,, etc. Which also provides money for ads. So, the reason why we are choosing AdSense is that it pays more than others. If its alternative pays 1 dollar for 100 impressions, maybe google pays 2 dollars for the same impressions.

So, Adsense is the best way to earn money in 2021. Here we are not saying that its alternatives are not good. They are also the best. If anyone could not approve the AdSense for the website, then he/she can choose its alternatives to earn money. They also provide a good amount of money.

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How to download?
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