How to Earn PayPal Money Instantly

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What’s all the fuss about if you want to earn PayPal money instantly for surveys? Paid online surveys have been around for quite some time, but they haven’t been very popular among internet users until recently. With these paid industries, you actually can earn PayPal cash (no minimum payout) just by giving a couple of minutes of your time to answer some questions. Set out to get the truth on these paid surveys that pay instantly because it sounds too wonderful to be true.

With these online surveys, the usual income method like getting paid through bank transfer and checks seems not to work anymore. Although some people are still taking these online surveys due to residual income reasons, many have already changed to newer methods to earn their money faster and safer. One of the tried and tested methods to earn PayPal cash is taking paid surveys. If you’re interested in this, keep reading this article to discover how to get paid by taking surveys.


Firstly, make sure you research the survey apps you intend to use. Many of the free paid online survey apps will only give you the money after you sign up and provide your contact details. This isn’t a secure way to earn PayPal cash instantly because you won’t get paid immediately after you sign up. You also may have to wait for weeks or months before you’ll receive your payment. To be safe, go for paid survey apps that require you to register for as little as $20, with no minimum payout, and give you your PayPal payment immediately once you’ve provided your details. This is a more secure way.


Secondly, when you’re looking for survey apps that pay money, don’t forget to check the website. Some websites are shady and will only want you to pay for the ad you see on their landing page, which pretty much sums up to “you get paid this way”. Others, like ToLuna, pays you for every customer you refer to their business. Although this method might seem a little too easy, it’s important to investigate to ensure that the website is legitimate and offers a chance to earn real money.

Earn PayPal Money

Finally, to earn PayPal cash, consider looking for sites that offer free cash for signing up. There are many of these sites out there, but it’s best to stick with those that strictly require you to sign up for their services. Some of the apps will let you earn cash by simply referring other members to join. It’s important to read the rules before doing this, as some of these sites might not be free cash-making schemes.


Once you’ve found one or two good survey websites, you need to install the app on your iPhone. Although this step doesn’t technically require any technical knowledge, it is necessary to properly install the app to maximize its functionality. The easiest way to go about this is to follow the instructions in the “ios installer” application. This will allow you to get started right away and avoid wasting time learning how to properly install the PayPal cashback app.

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