Small Business Ideas
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With eCommerce sales continue to soar at an all-time high, now may be the right time to turn simple, yet profitable online business ideas into a full-fledged reality. If you’re currently working from home, you no longer need a boss or the hassles that go along with having a boss. You also have more time to devote to the things you enjoy, such as your family and friends. You can also claim home office tax benefits, and work from the comfort of your favorite chair.

One of the most basic, yet highly profitable online business ideas is selling products online. There are thousands of products you could sell on eBay or online auction sites, ranging from high-end electronics to basic do-it-yourself tools. Just make sure you put plenty of good content, in other words, something people would want to buy, along with a high price tag, and you’re all set. As long as you offer excellent customer service, make sure you have a streamlined sales process and take pride in your work, you’ll have no trouble drumming up business. This is one of the easiest, most passive ways to make money online – but only if you know how to market your products.


Another way to make money from the comfort of your home is to open your very own business consultancy, or affiliate marketing network. There are plenty of business ideas that combine commission payouts with consulting. For instance, say you’re a psychic who wants to help people connect with their deceased loved ones. You could offer a free consultation for as little as $20 per hour, take a percentage of each successful sale, and then get a small percentage of every new client you find this way. This makes it possible for you to quit your day job completely while creating your money-making income stream from the comfort of your home.

Small business ideas

If you’re looking for more ways to earn money online, consider opening your SEO content management system, or freelance writer services. SEO is short for search engine optimization, which means optimizing your website so that it appears near the top of the search results page results. Some webmasters have become extremely successful at this, turning their websites into a cash cow through SEO. Other businesses focus on freelance writing, which can be another quick way to make your paycheck. A small startup advisor may be able to recommend a freelance writer who will do an exceptional job for you, or you could train in a similar skill and offer your services to local business owners.


Some people turn to blogs, although you can’t run your business from your blog (unless, of course, you have a successful blog). Instead, you can use your blog to sell affiliate products, build a list, or promote a product you know the ins and outs of and have used yourself. For example, did you know that many major corporations buy entire departments dedicated to research and development? If you’re willing to write informative blog posts on your topics and promote a certain product(s), you can make an entirely passive income from just your blog. You’d be surprised how many blogging jobs are available today.


In summary: Small business strategy depends upon many different variables; from the type of products or services you offer, to the method by which you advertise your business, to what skills you have, and even to your level of expertise. Regardless of your specific online business strategy, if you’re willing to invest time, energy, and learning, you can make money. Just don’t expect to do it without any help. Consider starting with one of the ideas above, then researching further to find other small business ideas that might interest you.

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