Idle Makeover Mod APK

Idle Makeover Mod APK

If you are here for Idle Makeover Mod APK then you are in the right place. Give a new wave of new looks to these ugly faces. Download now Idle Makeover mod APK to turn people from big-headed sloths into beautiful celebrities. You are the best stylist in town and there are a lot of ugly teens with rashes and receding hair to work with. Money is no problem for these guys, so give them the work they need and watch them transform before your eyes.


Idle Makeover is one of the funniest games for renovations going on right now. See how much you can transform someone’s life with just a few simple brushes and give them the much-needed confidence in those awkward teenage years!

You have a lot of tools at your disposal, so put them to good use and make these girls beautiful and these guys are handsome so they can go out and enjoy the first few years of their life in the most amazing way possible.

Tons of conversion kits

If you’ve ever played with skincare, or just left your hair messed up and then got yourself a solid cut, then you’ll appreciate the difference a little care makes when it comes to getting a full makeover. Honestly, just paying more attention to brushing your teeth longer will go a long way.


This is a game where you can see those effects firsthand and transform your customers’ appearance so they can see themselves and perform at their best. With your toolkit close at hand, you will be able to make them look and feel 100%.

Change her hair

You can cut, trim, highlight, and even perform hair transplants to make these people look their best. Wash, massage your scalp, and comb to make your hair look gorgeous.


Breaking acne? Not anymore! Apply skincare regimens that will forever transform your client’s face with acne cream, moisturizer, exfoliator, and more. So you can also dig deeper and get more tools to help your skin look amazing. OH, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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Dental cleaning

In Idle Makeover Mod APK, You get rid of that ugly plaque and give your customers a little more mouthwash to make their mouth one that someone really wants to kiss. Your teeth are important and a little whitening can go a long way in making your smile 100% more beautiful!

Idle game

You have a beauty salon, so you want to make sure you earn money for your business as well. Earn money offline so you can invest in more effective treatments to use with your clients. You can win money while not playing which makes it even easier when you are!


Top-notch graphics and simple yet addicting gameplay will make you love this game. It is something very recognizable to most of us that we haven’t had to deal with an acne attack or bad breath at some point in our life. Those teens can be hell and these clients need a short break, so let’s go!

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