Idle Planet Miner v1.8.7 MOD Apk Download (Free Shopping)

idle planet miner mod

If you love idle simulator games, idle planet miner mod is definitely the best choice for you! It’s a free idle game for Android and iPhone that is highly detailed and offers more than enough to keep you entertained. This is a simple but addictive idle game with various features such as – Digging for ore and collecting resources to build the ship you want,

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If you’re a resource collector, then idle planet miner is definitely the best choice for you! You have to dig for resources such as iron ore and mine for them to build your ships. Once you have collected enough resources, you have to build a manufacturing plant to create the goods you need to sell to your customers. There is a big secret law in this game – “The profits never go out of reach”. This is what makes it more fun and addictive, without any annoying pop-up ads interrupting the game and without the timers that make the game tedious and boring.

Another great aspect of the idle planet miner mod apk is the unlock ability. Once you start playing, you will start earning cash every time you successfully dig a tile. So don’t hesitate to dig as much as you can to earn as much money as you can. Endless amounts of money await you, just remember to pause when you’re about to dig and not immediately dig again when you’re not on an even level with the goal in mind. There are also several hidden items in this game as well.

This game has a unique idle planet miner theme, which is very cute. There are plenty of realistic graphics and sounds. The program also includes full screen and window mode, along with various options for the background and the volume of the sounds.

It’s really great that this mod offers so many features such as the ability to mine in multiple planets and customize the looks of your mining ship. It’s easy to learn, too, since all you need to do is to click the buttons and follow the instructions, which is simple but entertaining at the same time.


The concept of the idle game has been around for years and many experts are now saying that this is actually a better alternative to the popular Microsoft idle game. You will find that this is a challenging but exciting game in which you can actually gain money while having fun. You can earn cash by digging planets or minerals from them using a space mining device. In fact, the whole aim of the game is to mine stuff or gather resources from the planets in order to power up your space mining vessel. The background and the technology are inspired by the real events in astronomy.

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You can use the idle planet miner mod apk on the Android device to access the multi-player portion from your computer and earn some cash and prizes, too. In fact, the free purchase offer is limited but the features are definitely worth a try. You don’t have to pay anything to unlock the feature. The player just needs to be online and logged into the server to earn some credits.

The basic concept behind this mod is to mine minerals and oxygen from various planets and sell these commodities in order to gain money. The player must choose a planet to start mining. Once started, the mining activity proceeds at a steady pace. As you mine more ores and minerals, the rate of production increases automatically.

In order to speed up the process, it is advised to use the idle planet miner app, which is provided free of charge. This accelerates the rate of production, allowing you to dig faster and ore more quickly.

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The action-packed gameplay involves a wide range of challenges, with each one ranging from easy to harder. One major challenge that you will find while playing the idle planet miner is to manage resources efficiently, especially in relation to the number of minerals and gases being produced. There are many factors affecting production rates such as the amount of ore to be mined, the productivity of managers, and the availability of rare element materials.

The developers took great care in ensuring that resources are not wasted and that they are always flowing to keep the game alive. The balance between profitability and resource management is certainly a challenge for gamers to master, but players are given enough rope to keep playing!