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Invite And Earn Money Online At Home In 2021

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Invite and earn money is the easiest way to earn money online at home. Most people earn a lot of money easily by just inviting some people on any application or website.

Most applications and websites allow this facility to earn money online by inviting some people on their platform. The more you invite more money you can earn. So, it depends on you. If you work hard and give more time to invite people, there will be more chances to earn money.

So which websites and applications provide this facility? After complete research, we found some 100 percent legal platforms and provide a good amount of money on each invite. For instance, if you want to start this work, then work on these platforms, which are given below because they are not scamming platforms.

  1. Easypaisa 
  2. JazzCash
  3. Amazon
  4. Fiverr
  5. Gilt
  6. Wish
  7. Poshmark
  8. Slang
  9. OfferUp
  10. LetGo


Easypaisa is a Pakistani mobile wallet in which users can make money everywhere on mobile. It provides a lot of features, including invites, and earn money.

You can earn money on Easypaisa by inviting different people to signup on Easypaisa. Easypaisa gives you money on each signup. Normally it gives 50pkr to 100pkr per signup. For instance, You have to invite people to signup on their Easypaisa app by your referral link, and you will earn money.

Easypaisa also provides the facility of cashback on each transaction.

Jazz Cash

Jazz cash is also a Pakistani mobile wallet, just like the Easypaisa. It also provides the features of a lot of features, including invites, and earns money. There is not much difference between Easypaisa and Jazz cash.  Jazz cash also provides 50pkr to 100pkr on every invite.

Send the referral/invite link to different people, and if they signup, you get the money. Although, send the invite link to different people. If they signup, you will get the money in return.


Amazon is also providing a referral program to its customers to bring more customers to the Amazon platform. You can earn money on Amazon by referring different people to signup for their amazon accounts.

You can’t just earn money by bringing different people to signup for their amazon accounts. Also, You will get the money when they buy their first product on amazon. You will get a 5$ to 250$ dollars coupon code after the first order of your referral person.

To earn money on Amazon, you have to signup for event people amazon by your referral link. After this, you have to wait until any of your referral people buy its first product. As soon as that person buys the product, you will get the money. So this is also the most used method by different people to earn money through referral. So, Invite and earn money from amazon because this is the highest paying website.


Fiverr is a platform where freelancers earn money by using their skills. Fiver also provides a referral program to earn money online. The reason why they provide this program is to bring more buyers and sellers on their platform.

Now you can earn money online by referring different people to signup for the Fiverr account, and you will get the money when they will do their first action to buy or sell something.

If any person signup by your referral link and on his first order, Fiverr will give 100$ to both persons. For instance, Fiverr also give commission to the person when any of his referrals people buy something on the Fiverr.


Gilt is an online shopping and lifestyle business platform. Here people buy ad sell different things like clothes, electronics, and different digital products. Gilt also provides a referral program for their customer to earn money online.

The gilt referral program provides a 25$ bonus to both sides when the referred person buys something on the gilt the first time. This is the best way to earn money. You can refer a different person to this platform and earn a lot of money this way easily.


Wish is another e-commerce website where you can buy different clothes, electronics, fashion items, and many other goods. It is the best marketplace where you buy items at lower prices because they are connected with the Chinese manufacturers. So they provide good things at low prices, and most people buy products online from this marketplace.

You could not earn money from Wish, but you can get some discount on the products. You will get a discount on any item after each referral. So, you can buy items here with a discount by referring some people to this platform.


Poshmark is a platform that allows different people to buy and sell different clothes and footwear. This platform requires more people to buy and sell products. So, this platform started a referral program for its customers.

Anyone can refer to his/her friend on this platform. When someone signup with the referral link, he will get 5$, and you will get 5$ when that person makes his first order on Poshmark. So here you can invite and earn money online easily.


Slang provides a platform that connects different buyers and sellers of authentic boats and also the street wears. It also provides a referral program for its customers to earn money online. Slang will give 10$ to both customers, which send the invitation and the customer who accepts the invitation.

10$ is enough money for one referral. The more you refer people, the more you earn money. Also, you will get money only when your referral person buys something on Slang. So, it means you could not get money only for signups. That referred person must buy something from slang.


OfferUp is a marketplace where you can buy different products inline. These products can be used and new. This platform is just like the OLX platform. This platform also provides referral programs for its customer. By using this program, most of the users are getting good rewards.

Unlike other platforms, this platform did not give money, but it gives different rewards to the user after they successfully refer to someone. Also, when that referred person buys something, then they will get the reward. So, like other platforms, these platforms also have the same policy.

When the referred person buys something, then you will receive a reward from the offer up. So, refer your friends and win the exciting rewards from this platform.

Note: Sometimes, Offerup does not give the reward to its customer. So, whoever gets the reward, will be the lucky person.


Letgo is also a market place where most of the people sell their different unwanted items and products. It is just similar to the offer up and OLX.

Letgo provides an invitation program to its customer, but unfortunately, this platform does not give any money or reward in return. So, by this platform, you could not earn money online.



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How to download?
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