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Download Jurassic World Alive MOD Apk (Unlimited Battery) For Android

Jurassic World Alive is a game inspired by the movie of the same name in which you will find many different species of dinosaurs and you will surely be impressed by their impressive appearance. At the same time, you will have a collection of dinosaurs with different rarities, and indeed anyone who wants to possess powerful species to face other players in many games. So take the time to improve their power to help you win.


Jurassic World Alive offers you a fantasy setting similar to that of the famous movie of the same name. The Strongest Animal is back with many different categories that all players will see and want to have within this game. At the same time, players will spend time admiring the impressive effects in the unique and well-designed game environment that players cannot ignore.

The game gives you a particular need to explore the game because of what it can bring, and one of them is the species of dinosaurs that once existed in the world. Each of these dinosaurs has a different impressive appearance and this title has a unique number. So if you are a lover of prehistoric animals, especially dinosaurs, this is a game that will help you satisfy your desire to explore.


jurassic world alive apk download offers you a game similar to Pokemon Go based on your location. Specifically, there will be many tabs corresponding to areas with different functions, and in the center, there is a map tab where the preset area can be observed by GPS positioning. In other words, it reflects where you are in real-time and there may be dinosaurs or gift boxes containing exciting rewards all around you. If you got one, you shouldn’t miss it.

You will choose the dinosaur closest to you to proceed with the drone capture. This drone is equipped with some needles and you will shoot them at the dinosaurs moving underneath. You will then spend some time shooting in the marked area to reduce its health to a minimum. After completing the above process, you will receive a certain amount of DNA from the corresponding dinosaur.

This amount of DNA is used to summon the dinosaur that you get if you have reached the required number. Most of the amount needed to call it is 50 and on a map, you will be able to find a lot of dinosaurs that you got before from the DNA and the rewards scattered around the map. You can get a certain amount of needles in the reward box to perform DNA collection, a certain amount of evolving coins, and money to upgrade.


As in some fighting games, the dinosaur level is also divided into many levels and the lowest one will be Common. So you will spend a lot of time experimenting and finding rare and powerful dinosaurs. At the same time, upgrading these dinosaurs is also completely difficult based on their level. Common is usually the species that is often found and easily obtains DNA.

The amount of DNA is the key to improving the strength of your dinosaurs. If you want to go to the next level, you do not need to accumulate experience, but use the required amount of DNA to carry out the upgrade process. In other words, this number will increase day by day if you want to update your dinosaur’s statistics and participate in different matches.

You can use another type of DNA collection, but it will be more expensive because you will have to assemble two different types of DNA from two species.

So you have the flexibility to choose how to collect and upgrade dinosaurs. This method is mostly applied to legendary dinosaurs, which are rare. Then you will be able to collect two types of materials needed for a long time to summon and upgrade the type you want.

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Jurassic World Alive offers you a way to collect various dinosaurs that you can make according to your wishes. However, anyone who wants to know the power of the dinosaur type; want in the real battle during the game. So in response to that, the title offers you a match against other players where you will face their dinosaurs in a turn-based attack match.

Download Jurassic World Alive MOD (Unlimited Battery / VIP)