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KillApps Premium MOD APK Latest Version[Cracked]

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KillApps Premium MOD APK is the best app nowadays. Are you tired of the apps running in the background forcefully and the android is system is not closing them? Well worry no more, “Kill apps” helps you close all running apps directly with a single tap. Save battery power and improve efficiency.

This app improves the efficiency of your phone and:

  • Speed ​​up your phone
  • Release of reminiscence
  • Saves battery
  • Cooling the phone

The phone keeps many applications running in the background, which consumes system resources and consequently lowers the battery and reduces the available memory.


  1. Close all running applications
  2. Close tasks and finance companies
  3. Help personal applications and system applications.
  4. Widget

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This application is a very effective tool that kills activities and processes.


This application helps you to speed up your phone when it is slow due to various applications running in the background.


This application optimizes the phone’s memory by freeing up RAM and creating space for new applications.


Closing applications help save battery power and extend battery life.


Closing applications helps to calm the phone’s temperature and reduce CPU usage.

Your privacy is secure!

This application does not accumulate any information.

This app is used by accessibility companies.

Additionally, This application is an excellent automatic resolution for customers with physical disabilities and muscle fatigue, who struggle while interacting with the display screen, especially when performing repetitive and difficult tasks corresponding to driving by closing many applications one after another.

For instance, This application automates one of the crucial repetitive tasks with the user interface, the duty to “push the operational shutdown of the application”! and it does this by automatically closing all applications one after the other, thus helping customers with physical disabilities and muscle fatigue to avoid closing all applications manually within the system settings.

Permissions and Note:

This application requires the authorization of the accessibility service to be able to close several applications.

  • Moreover, This application will be able to take the energy content of the window to find out the button that forces an application to close in the system settings, then emulates a click movement.
  • Also, This application will be able to observe the actions associated with the interface to inform the method of automating the activity of closing applications, monitoring the transition between startup windows by emulating the interaction with the interface.
  • This application also requires permission to pinch opposing applications to be able to present the idle screen while applications are closed.

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