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Motivation in Management – 7 Ways to Motivate your Employees

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The definition of motivation

People often confuse the idea of ​​”happy” employees with “motivated” employees. Motivation in management is very important. These may be related, but motivation actually describes the level of desire employees feel they are fulfilling, regardless of their level of happiness.

Employees who are adequately motivated to perform will be more productive, more engaged, and more committed to their jobs. When employees hear these things, it helps them, and therefore their managers, be more successful.

A manager’s job is to motivate employees to do their jobs well. So how do managers do it? The answer is management motivation, the process by which managers encourage employees to be productive and effective.

Think about what you might feel like in a retail environment when a motivated cashier is processing your transaction. This type of ATM:

  • Be friendly, create a pleasant transaction that makes you more likely to return
  • Process your transaction quickly, which means the store can serve more customers
  • Suggest an additional item you would like to purchase, increasing sales for the store

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In short, this employee is productive and delivers a high-quality result.

How to motivate employees

There are many ways to motivate employees. Managers looking to increase productivity should work to ensure that employees:

  • They feel that the work they do has meaning or importance.
  • Believe that good work pays off
  • Believe they are treated fairly

All these tasks are framed in one or more motivational theories.

Expectation theory

The expectation theory describes the connection employees expect between commitment and reward. If an employee is doing very well and doing what they can, they are likely to expect to be rewarded accordingly. In a retail setting, for example, a cashier might offer to work a double shift when a manager is understaffed but would expect praise and perhaps additional compensation for doing so.

Employees who don’t feel rewarded are unmotivated. Always do some management motivation. Think about how you would feel if you continuously worked as hard as possible but never received additional recognition or compensation. Would you continue to work as hard as possible or think “why bother?”

7 Ways To Motivate Employees

A manager has many functions. One of the most important is to motivate and inspire employees. Only motivated staff members will perform at their best and be fully productive. Here are seven ways managers can motivate their employees.


People want to know if they did a good job. A positive rating from a higher position can be a powerful productivity boost. While you shouldn’t tell a worker you did well when you didn’t, honest praise is a valuable motivational tool. Positive feedback will make an employee want to continue their success until the next project. Knowing that your work is appreciated will help motivate anyone.

Promote autonomy

People are happier and more motivated if they feel responsible for their own destiny. Don’t be a micromanager or a control freak – an authoritarian attitude will destroy morale. If an employee can handle it, let him have a freer reign. Management motivation is very important. You don’t need to look over your shoulder at every project. Your workers will enjoy their work more (and do it better) if they have more freedom.

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Treat them with respect

Treating your employees like smart adults can help. Unfortunately, many business motivation campaigns are young and offensive. Motivational posters have never motivated anyone, and team-building exercises are often a waste of time. Simply acting as if your employees are competent, balanced, and reliable can be a powerful motivator in and of itself.

Allow honest criticism and complaints

There is nothing more frustrating for a worker than to feel that they cannot openly express their opinion on a sensitive subject. Your subordinates will be much happier if you let them express their complaints openly and simply.

Don’t bite an employee’s head if you criticize them. Try to motivate them in management. Of course, you must preserve your position of power, but you can leave ample room for maneuver before your authority is compromised.

Ensure a healthy work-life balance

Your staff doesn’t want you to work to the bone. While committing your employees to work hard can temporarily increase productivity, the resulting drop in motivation will eventually be more significant. Workers can be happy and energetic only in an environment that respects the need to combine work and leisure. So don’t call for overtime every week and let your employees take their time if they have a good reason.

Be fair

A boss who has double standards for pet employees will destroy morale in the office. A person who receives more than his fair share of the credit (or money) devalues ​​everyone else’s efforts. Employees stuck in the cold will feel depressed and unappreciated. To do management motivation judge any dispute between employees fairly and impartially. While you will particularly appreciate some workers, don’t give them benefits they don’t deserve – managers need to motivate all their subordinates.

Pay them more

Ultimately, the most effective motivator of all is money. People do their jobs for the salary they receive in return. Sure, it won’t always be possible to raise wages, but if you really need to cheer up, raises are the best strategy. It’s not just about having more money, an employee’s salary is also a sign of how much the company values ​​them. People are more motivated to work for companies that value them a lot.

To be a quality manager, you need to be dedicated to employee motivation. Workers are the lifeblood of any company, but those workers won’t perform well if they’re not motivated. Conversely, an inspired employee will really want to do their best. See if the tips listed above will help motivate your team.

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