motivation introduction essay

Motivation introduction essay

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Motivation is a general and common word in business, but it is quite difficult to explain scientifically. The idea or concept of motivation is quite different from other concepts such as instincts, impulses, and political reactions, but to some extent, it is also related to all these concepts.

People must be motivated to achieve certain goals or ambitions in life, be it personal or business, but it is always related to drives means anxious to achieve something anyway. Furthermore, motivation must be related to ambitions.

People only get motivated after setting certain goals. Except for natural behavior, motivation should be based only on emotional feelings. Motivation can come and cause incomprehensible reactions.

There are two theories for learning motivation; These are psychological theory and physiological theory. Psychological theory creates this type of environmental situation and manages a stable view of the outcome of that event and the behavior of motivated people.

The physiological study clarified the origin of natural motivation patterns. We can have an example of an animal to understand the study of physiological motivation; Animals always stay on target even if the environmental situation changes or the way they behave when that condition changes. The physiological study seeks to develop physiological variables and natural regions to which motivated behavior is related.

Motivation is a process that has a physical or psychological need for behavior or campaign, which is actively targeted from the start. Each employee’s manager should show an increase in productivity and quality. Knowing the behavior of the worker is very important. Employee behavior depends on the environment in which they reside. Finally, an employee’s behavior can be a function of an innate drive or the feeling that the need and opportunity he needs in the workplace or on driving are complete.

Motivation is the most essential tool that affects the behavior of humanity. Therefore, when managing or implementing the organization’s strategy, the manager attaches greater importance to it. Rensis Likert called Inspiration “central administration”. The effectiveness of effective leadership impacts both the people in the organization and at the individual level of the organization.

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It is a fact that the organization’s ideas and strategic concepts will fail in a short period of time when people disagree with the organization’s key strategy and objectives. It’s very different in a different person, so it’s a pretty complex task to motivate people.

People’s personalities always matter when identifying different motivational needs. There is a theory given by Eric Erikson, who deals with the changes in people’s needs based on the changes that occur in their life stages, as well as his experiments also define the distance or deviation between motivational training and demotivational training and a little lesson to implement the practices. learning events.

Motivation theories

Good leadership requires good skills to motivate people and the use of stimulating techniques. The methods of motivation are very varied, from inspirational quotes and poems to games and team building activities, such as ice picks, warm-ups, and exercises for conferences, workshops, meetings, and events, which in themselves can often be useful for the motivation of staff.

Motivation is also an essential part of life coaching processes and techniques. Motivated people get better results; see McGregor’s XY theory, for example. People who play or compete in teams learn from each other, communicate better and see themselves in a new light.

Mutual respect grows. People often enjoy events that include new non-work activities, especially when managers and superiors are part of the same teams as their junior staff, which also helps build cohesion and a can-do culture.

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Powerful positive images stimulate visualization in the conscious and subconscious brain, promoting self-motivation, developmental behavior, confidence, and faith. Playing allows people to experience victory and achievement in ways that their normal job may not have.

People are motivated to achieve and improve when they have experienced feelings of success and achievement, regardless of the context. This is why firewalking and outdoor-directed activities have such a powerful motivational effect. All these ideas and others explained below; help improve motivation, inspiration, and performance.

Douglas Mcgregor – Theory x y

Douglas McGregor, an American social psychologist, proposed his famous X-Y theory in his 1960 book “The Human Side of Business”. The x theory and y theory are still commonly mentioned in the fields of management and motivation, and although more recent studies have questioned the rigidity of the model, Mcgregor’s XY theory remains a valid foundation from which to develop techniques and styles of positive management. This theory continues to be central to organizational development and the improvement of organizational culture.

it is a simple and healthy reminder of the natural rules for managing people, which are too easily forgotten under the pressure of daily affairs. McGregor’s ideas suggest that there are two fundamental approaches to managing people.

Many managers tend to the x theory and generally do poorly. Enlightened managers use e theory, which produces better performance and results and allows people to grow and develop. McGregor’s ideas refer significantly to the modern understanding of the psychological contract, which provides many ways to appreciate the useless nature of Theory X leadership and the useful and constructive beneficial nature of Theory Y leadership.

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