Motivation Synonym – Extrinsic Motivation

motivation synonym

Motivation, synonyms for the drive, is a word that we frequently use but seldom understand fully. The motivation of one person can be quite different from the motivation of another. We usually give motivation a different meaning when it is the desire of one person to do something over an obstacle that is perceived as non- motivating by another person.


But when you look at motivation in its purest sense, there are certain general qualities and behaviors that it signifies. Motivation means the ability or capacity to get things done. This is the reason behind many of the world wars. People have been motivated to fight and die for their country, some even do so because they believe it is worth the sacrifice.


Motivated people go to war, not because they are fanatic about their cause, but rather because they believe in the inherent worth of their country, in the power of their army, and the benefits of fighting and winning.

Motivation Synonym

When you look at motivation as a synonym for pop culture, you tend to give it a different meaning. In pop culture, motivation is often given as the motivation one needs to “just do it”. This is perhaps because it seems easier than talking about how one is going to get it done. The most common definition of motivation is “the urge to do what is needed to achieve the end”.


The inherent value of this expression to most people comes from the fact that they believe it to be the most important thing that can motivate them. This would explain why people in sports become great, why many of the greatest musicians became what they are today, and why so many creative geniuses are also great to pop artists or film producers.


But it would be better to look at motivation as a synonym for an ultimate goal, the completion of which will bring satisfaction to the person. There is the idea that there should be a final goal to strive towards, for the attainment of which we feel motivated. This could be compared with the idea of completing a task, as opposed to the popular trend where goals may vary from the ultimate aim of completing a certain level of proficiency.

Extrinsic Motivation

In pop culture, the idea of motivation is typically associated with extrinsic rewards. These rewards are things that we do not expect but that have some beneficial effect on our lives. For instance, a motivated teacher may put in extra effort to teach his pupils something important. The extrinsic motivation is thus seen as a reward for the behavior or quality that was demonstrated by the pupil.

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In your business, motivation may be defined as the drive to achieve your set goals and the motivation of others to work towards the achievement of the same. A motivated group of people working towards a set goal may find love and friendship. The motivation of the group leader towards the achievement of the set goal may be considered extrinsic as well.

Motivation Synonyms – Learn How to Express Them

Motivation synonymously is a synonym for self-worth. It is the force or urge that causes an individual to do something to attain his set goals or objectives. In this world, motivation is often used to explain the feeling of motivation that one gets after accomplishing some great feat. A person with exceptional motivation power can act without being destructive or unruly.

Motivation Definition

There are many motivation synonyms in the business world. The meaning and usage of motivation vary from one context to another. It is important to understand these definitions before one employs motivation synonyms in his life. There are four major motivation theories prevalent today. Let’s take a look at them briefly.

Motivation Theories

Some people feel that motivation is based on the individual’s ability to perform something. They give utmost importance to motivation in their lives. This is the standard motivation theory, which is the basic motivation theory in the world today. It considers people as responsible for their actions.


Many people are inclined to consider motivation to be an attribute of the individual. They give little importance to the kind of motivation that has been generated in them through their surroundings. These people believe that success and motivation are separate. It is believed that, in the society and business world, the concepts of motivation have become fused and interdependent.


According to the third major motivation theory, motivation is not an independent concept. People are not aware of it. It is considered by them to be the product of their environment and past experiences. The people who work in an environment that lacks motivation are not likely to produce successful products.

motivation synonym


A fourth major motivation theory believes that motivation synonyms are essential for the successful operation of any business. A business owner requires various motivation synonyms to motivate his workers. These people should be made aware of the synonyms and also of various other methods to encourage people for various kinds of changes.


The fifth belief is that motivation synonyms are important only in the short run. They are never useful in the long run because motivation can be maintained only by long-term efforts. People get easily bored with the routine style of doing things. They do not see the importance of completing work within a stipulated period. The top-level management might think that motivation should be abandoned in the long run but the employees would not agree with such an opinion.


The sixth belief states that motivation synonyms are important only for a specific period. In the long run, these types of motivation should be used because it helps in building stronger organizational abilities of an organization. It is necessary to bear in mind that the motivation of the workers cannot be maintained by using these motivation synonyms only and in this situation, proper organization techniques should be used instead of motivation synonyms.


The seventh belief is that motivation is something different from what management thinks. It should be noted that motivation is inherent in an organization. It is not possible to survive without motivation as people would not enter into a fight without passion. Even then, they will lose the battle if the proper motivation is not there.

Motivation For Employees

Also, there are various other factors apart from motivation, which make an organization successful. Employees are an important factor in the survival of any business. If the employees are not motivated, then there can be no success. In fact, in some organizations, they have been found to have the lowest productivity level and this can be attributed to the low motivation levels of the employees. Therefore, the proper motivation of the employees is very much required.


The motivation synonym helps us to bring out our feelings of motivation whenever we face difficulties and hurdles. We should not just rely on human resources or management for motivation but try to understand the situation on our own. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to express your feelings and emotions about something especially when you are under pressure. But, the best way to deal with these issues is to write them down and then analyze them later.

Motivation Other Words

A few people may find it difficult to express their thoughts and emotions but the best way to deal with such situations is to create motivation synonyms. When you see various employees being enthusiastic about something, you do not automatically conclude that it is about to become successful.


Motivation is something very subjective and it varies from person to person. There may be various reasons for a person’s motivation level. For instance, it may be because they feel proud of themselves for undertaking a new task, or it may be because they are looking forward to promotion or even just because of some film or book that they are reading.