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Motivational Interviewing

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In this motivational interview, you will discover the power of motivational interviewing techniques. Motivational interviews are very important if you want to turn a newbie into an expert. It takes a lot of hard work, but you will be amazed at how much this technique helps you in achieving your goals. There are many reasons why you should learn the art of motivational interviewing. Here is a list of the 5 main reasons:


– The mirror-image technique of motivational interviewing. The mirror-image opposite method to traditional interviewing. The first step is to determine who you are interviewing for. For instance, if you’re interviewing for a management position, your first question should be: What do you think you can bring to the company?” This way you are looking into the employees’ eyes and finding out their true picture of what they want or expect from the company.

Motivation Technique

– The relationship-building motivation technique. As a manager or a coach, you have a responsibility to make the relationship with your client’s a good one. You need to give your clients the impression that you care about them and their future. To build this relationship, you will require a motivational helper who has the ability to listen well. An individual with a Ph.D. (adapted from and consultation, 2021) in Human Resources can also help you in building the rapport between you and your clients.


– The strong attitude quotes. Strong attitude quotes are very effective in motivational interviewing. These quotes can be motivational interviewing’s the trump card. You can use these attitude quotes during your interview sessions and you can use them to your advantage. The first step is to make sure that you already have the right attitude or frame of mind.

Interviewing Skills

– The rollback procedure. If you want to further improve your motivational interviewing skills, you can take advantage of the most recent techniques that many companies are using in training. The rollback procedure refers to interviewing a person in an interview or conference room as if they were a future client. If the rollback procedure is used, you will need a motivational helper who has an excellent command of the language. You will then read out the person’s name, ask them related questions, and check for any hints that can help you assess whether you should further contact with the person.

Interviewing Coaches

Although the techniques used by most motivational interviewing coaches are proven, it is still best to hire a professional who has the best experience in this area. For a more detailed explanation of the rollback method and its application in the field of clinical psychology, you can refer to Miller’s book, Interpreting Human Behaviors.

In this text, Miller teaches how you can identify the indicators of a troubled client, and then you can assess the person’s behavior yourself. In addition, Miller also teaches how to use different methods of questioning to elicit appropriate answers from the person you are interviewing. Apart from all these, he also provides great insights on how to properly conduct the motivational interviewing interview.

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