Motivational Speeches

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Motivational speeches take on a completely different connotation when we hear them compared with how they are used in business. The common notion is that motivational speeches are designed to inspire others to do their best at work, achieve their goals, get better grades, and do all manner of great things in life. This is, in fact, what a motivational speech is all about. After all, you do not need a fancy classroom setting or a podium in front of a live audience to deliver a motivational speech.


Motivational speeches get their power from the audience and how they will react to them. A motivational speech should be inspiring, interesting, entertaining, catchy, and get the audience to take action.

However, in the past decade, motivational speeches have gotten a bad reputation in some quarters, as the business world has struggled with trying to find ways to do things better. In 2008- 2009, the economy for those needing to be motivated tanked, which is ironic considering that during this same time, those needing motivation most likely did not have job security or income.


Some may argue that motivational speeches can be misused by some in an attempt to get people to move forward. After all, if a motivational speaker attempts to get a group of people to move forward, it is likely that the overall message will fall on deaf ears. This is why some groups are now starting to form committees to check the validity of a motivational speech.

For example, some groups have started making members pledge at the beginning of meetings that they will try to do the best that they can in order to make the most of the experience. The idea is to make the audience feel like they are doing the right thing, while also trying to motivate them to move forward.


This idea is a fine one, but motivational speeches also need to be grounded in reality. After all, there will be those that will never be moved by words. For these individuals, it might be helpful to look to someone who is more like a professional motivational speaker than a motivational speaker trying to use words to move people. This way, the message will be more likely to ring true.

Motivational Speeches

One person who has become known as the go-to guy for motivational speeches is Al Pacino. Pacino is considered to be one of the best motivational speakers in the world, especially when it comes to speaking candidly about his personal life and how he was able to turn those difficulties into opportunities that he was able to seize.

Pacino’s willingness to speak publicly about some of the worst aspects of his life has endeared him to a wide audience of people, many of which were unable to see these problems for what they were at the time. For example, Pacino had to come clean about the fact that he was arrested multiple times for assault after going to a women’s bar in Beverly Hills. He had to tell the audience how those charges resulted in a lifetime of serving jail time.


There are many other speakers that give great motivational speeches, but Pacino is probably the best known. There have been biographies, play and movie removals, and even a reality show about the life of Al Pacino. If you are looking for a motivational speechwriter, then you will not have a hard time finding one.

Simply go to any book store or check out your favorite online retailer and you are sure to find several books on motivational speeches. Take some time out to find one that appeals to you, because after all, you may need some good motivational speeches when your career takes an unexpected turn.

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