Mr. Pumpkin 2 mod

Mr. Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kowloon MOD Download (Unlimited Money)

Mr Pumpkin Mod Apk is back once again and this time he is bigger, better and better than the last release. This time it has a whole new theme and even better graphics to compliment his bad-boy persona. App name Mr Pumpkin 2: Walls of Koodoo. Platform Android.

“Features Lots of levels, lots of money and lots of things to buy. Size Vary with device size. Version varies with different device version. Category Storyline”.

You play as the original Mr pumpkin and help him get through all the levels. Pumpkin is once again transformed into the bad guy thanks to some new features. The walls are now made out of lava and there are new mini-games to try and finish off the levels. There’s also a money tree and an extra power-up in the shop.

Mr Pumpkin Mod Apk Features

Features Lots of content, lots of levels, lots of money, and lots more! This time Mr. Pumpkin also has four seasons to enjoy. You can weather the storm, save the damsel in distress, rescue the lost sheep, or even pitch a tent to go on holiday. With a Mr Pumpkin Mod Apk download, you can enjoy all this and more. The themes are very festive with many graphics relating to the Christmas season.

All the downloads available for Mr. Pumpkin Mod Apk are accompanied by voodoo shower curtains. These lovely curtains will help you create the perfect atmosphere for your next session. It really is like having your own little social hall whilst saving on costs. You don’t even have to use a special program in order to get the job done either. The voodoo shower curtains are simple to install and they come with a video tutorial that shows you exactly how to put them together.

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When installing the voodoo decorations there are a few guidelines that you should be aware of. Firstly make sure that you have the correct file size for the screens. This can vary somewhat from computer to computer, so it’s always best to double-check. Secondly, you should always ensure that the wallpapers are placed on a non-transparent background. They look best on a transparent background as the contrast is better and the colors more vibrant.

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The mod also provides you with a handy guide on how to get the screensaver to work. It’s very easy to overlook this step as it’s often presented in a separate window. However, by following the steps outlined in the video tutorial it should go without saying that you’ll need to install the mod manager first. It’s a small piece of software that does need to be installed but it’s free! Once you’ve got it installed then you should have everything you need to get creative with your screensavers.

Installing the Kooloo mod isn’t a problem at all. You can simply perform a search for it on Google or whatever search engine you use and you’ll get thousands of results. Visit some of the sites and read the advice on screen. You’ll find that some of the advice is a little obvious but it’s certainly worth reading anyway. Just remember that once you’ve installed the mod, you’ll need to be patient because the walls take a while to generate!

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