My Story Mansion Makeover MOD APK

My Story Mansion Makeover MOD APK v1.66.99 (Unlimited Money)

Today, especially on the mobile platform, the My Story Mansion Makeover MOD APK industry is widely appearing in games of an impressive new genre: the domestic landscape. Games in that genre have many characteristics in common: endless gameplay and thrilling journeys that await players.

Fortunately, this article will feature a game of that genre, but with more highlights and it beats them all. Currently, the game is very much loved and has received many positive reviews, and is constantly being improved on My Story – Mansion Makeover to provide players with engaging content. My Story – Mansion Makeover

My Story Mansion Makeover MOD APK Overview

App Name My Story – Mansion Makeover
Publisher ZenLife Games
Genre Puzzle
Size 152M
Latest Version 1.66.99
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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The common feature of games in this genre is the infinity of their playability, but how? For My Story, the player’s entire journey will focus solely on renovating the giant village and other areas to improve life and have a new mood every day. It all starts with small steps, so each room has a huge range of different content to update and mini-games to enjoy.

The game decoration rule is simple, requiring players to touch any object in the house, choose the design, color, and finally complete the minigames within them. This means that everything in the house contains a minigame for the player, and this is the color block that appears instead of matching 3.


All of the minigames in the game are mainly puzzles, which means that the player must pop the required number of blocks in each challenge in order to progress in the mansion renovation. The mechanics of the minigames are simple and friendly, even different from the match-3 puzzle that players often see in other games.

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However, the game will limit the number of bursts and within that limit, the player must achieve all assigned objectives. The minigame completion bonus allows the player to decorate or interact with anything in the mansion. In addition to the rewards, players can use special items to unlock the puzzle, even progressing faster through the puzzles.


The main theme of the whole game is wanting the player to focus on renovating and designing the whole house in many ways. The game knows that each person will have their own preferences and style when it comes to building things, so it will be constantly updated and will propose different designs for any room interior.

Players can only switch to other rooms until all furniture, walls and platforms have been replaced with new designs or content. Fortunately, the game will have many different rooms, and each room has special themes or types of furniture that players can explore and enjoy.


The game will apply the interactive elements of the story to the game and explain why My Story – Mansion Makeover is so popular. The game will have a great story, ever-expanding and influenced by the player’s choices.

When interacting with secondary characters, the player will always have more than two options, thus developing relationships, conversation, and many other factors depending on the direction he desires. The development of the main character is the best addition that the player needs as the game wants a compelling story, endless gameplay and there are always many new things to complete the game.

My Story – Mansion Makeover


The game will update new content every week, mainly patches, stories, puzzles, challenges and finally events. In other words, the participation of players in the weekly events is fascinating and beneficial as it provides them with many interesting rewards to help them progress faster in the story.

The game will also update new interior designs and always offer players more things to explore around the house. Meanwhile, special activities will gradually lead players to the most difficult puzzles and separate them from the system. The rewards within them are different but they are worth it and players can convert them into in-game currency to buy or spend on activities.