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PAC-MAN APK MOD Download (Unlimited Lives) For Android

PAC-MAN, perhaps this game is no stranger to most gamers around the world. When people hear PAC-MAN, they will immediately think of the game on the Arcade platform, this is a very famous game both in the past and present.

The game was released with a huge audience in 1980, since its release until now, the game has become a legend of the global game market. After the success of the game, there have been many other versions of PAC-MAN, such as the 3D animation version that attracted many viewers.

But the era grows by the hour, now the 4.0 era, everyone has a mobile phone. Following the market trend, producer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has launched a version of the mobile platform called PAC-MAN to meet the needs of gamers.

The game still has the best of the previous versions, but it also has many important updates. Now you can play this childhood game anytime, anywhere. So don’t last a minute, download “PAC-MAN” for mobile platforms now.


The gameplay of Pac man mod apk unlimited money is no different from before, the only difference in terms of playability is that instead of playing with the physical buttons on Arcade machines, you can control with the buttons of the game.

You are tasked with controlling PAC-MAN moving through the maze to eat little yellow dots called Pac-dots. In this process, PAC-MAN will be chased by four ghosts and they will find a way to touch PAC-MAN, these ghosts are called Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde.

They will look for PAC-MAN inside the labyrinth in order to destroy him. PAC-MAN’s mission will be more difficult because they will have to eat pac-dot while avoiding chasing ghosts. Because if PAC-MAN allows them to touch people, they will lose their lives. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fight them.

By the way, larger than usual lunar dots will appear in the labyrinth, these dots are called the power pill. When PAC-MAN eats these pellets, he will be able to eat ghosts in no time. During this time, the ghosts will move slowly and turn green to avoid PAC-MAN’s pursuit.

When PAC-MAN can eat a spirit, his eyes will automatically return to the starting point to begin PAC-MAN’s search and destroy journey. To manipulate the game, players will use their fingers to slide to the side they want PAC-MAN to move.

On each turn, the player will have three goals available to complete the activity. This is an extremely simple and easy-to-understand game, but very difficult to master.


It is considered a new update from the previous version, so the game must have more exclusive features to attract players.


Unlike the previous version on Arcade machines, there is only one maze that players can only play repeatedly. It seems that many players are too bored with this, so the game’s creative team has created more mazes for players to explore.

Daily Duties!

Each day, the game’s creative team will change various new tasks for players to explore. Try to complete them all to receive the reward is Token. The missions will not be too much for the player to complete, such as eating 20 ghosts, earning 1000 points …


Every week, there will be a new tournament organized between you for you to compete among the players. This will become a source of motivation to help people improve their control and calculation skills. Players will receive a token if they participate in tournaments. There will be a leaderboard to rank players, try your best to get high scores, and honor you on the leaderboard.

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This is the currency of the pac-man hack apk and the player can use it to lock new screens. In addition to performing daily activities or participating in tournaments to earn Tokens, there is a way that is the daily reward of the game.


In this version, the game retains the well-known 8-bit graphic style. This graphic style will help to awaken the memory of many players who have played this game on Arcade machines.

The effect of the game is very smooth, the player will not feel any lag phenomenon in the game. The game sound retains the familiar soundtrack from the previous version of Arcade. So while playing, the players will feel extremely familiar. So what are you waiting for without taking a leap into the past PAC man mod apk download in mobile version this time?

Download PAC-MAN MOD (Unlimited Lives)