PAKO MOD APK – Car Chase Simulator[Unlimited Money]

If you are here for PAKO MOD APK then you are in the right place. Enclosed space. There is no escape. How long would you last? If you want a real extra and excessive adrenaline, then you are on the right track, Paco sport will present you with easy methods to get excessive sensations.

It is a racing game in which you will immediately get in the middle of all the opportunities from the first minutes of the game, and this is exactly the pursuit of the police, there is no time to train and determine easy methods.

To improve the factor, it is recommended to act, especially by pressing the gasoline. It a fairly simple game with just two buttons to drive the car. With each level delivered, bonuses will appear on the type of tank and zombies, but you are a real driver and the obstacles will only add you real excess.

PAKO is a high-score car tracking mission. Get rid of the police and stay away from obstacles as much as possible. The ranks differ from each other and have supplements such as zombies and tanks.

The recreation mechanics are an extremely easy, two-button, quick-reset control. No study time, no tutorials, no unnecessary settings to change once you just want to play a spherical one. PAKO is actually getting to work.

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  • Tons of cars with a completely different treatment!
  •  Switch between an individual isometric digital camera and a single third party in the pause view screen
  • Huge set of the map plus thousands of places
  • Use a fictional character to get into airport-capable hidden cars
  • Earn credit by enjoying and watching commercials.
  • Google Cloud Savings. Recreation uses automatic saving in the recreation menus when you sign in to Google Play. Manually upload the pre-saved recreation in Settings: Save to the cloud
  • DKSTR adrenaline soundtrack
  • Apocalypse mode for advanced players: Meteors, zombies, tanks, and chaos at all levels + mechanics to take photos to protect your car from crashing
  • “FREE with ads”: Video ads also give you recreational credit
  • Compatible with Intel x86 mobile devices


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