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Pokémon Masters EX APK 2.7.0 Free Download

If you are here for Pokémon Masters EX APK then you are in the right place. Welcome back to the world of Pokémon Masters. Synchronize pairs, get ready for a completely improved challenge. A host of new features, game modes, and additional content have taken the world by storm.

Pokemon masters ex apk latest version

But it’s never too late to join the action. Raise your Pokémon from eggs, collect iconic sync pairs, and join the ultimate trainer test. IF you have what it takes, go ahead and download Pokemon Masters EX for Android.

Returning and new features of Pokémon Masters

First, let’s look at the features that have remained in the game. Since the release of the evolved version, new additions have been introduced. Better know what’s coming back and what’s fresh.


Here are all the previous features, before the launch of Pokémon Masters EX …

  • Experience a completely original story on the island of Passio. Here the best coaches of all time have come together to prove that they are the undisputed champions.
  • That said, the character list expands over the generations of Pokémon history. Find some of your favorite rivals, heroes, gym leaders, and more!
  • Play tough 3v3 battles, organizing your trainers accordingly.

Some new features that have arrived in Pokémon Masters are …

  • The new 6-star sync pairs will evolve into EX pairs. These will have a drastic increase in their time movements. Also, the coaches’ outfits will evolve.
  • The Champion Stadium allows you to challenge the Regional Champion and the Elite Four to test your skills. Will you be able to win a seat in the hall of fame?
  • Hatch new Pokémon from eggs to add to your teams.

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Generations collide:

Generation 1:

You’ll find Kanto fan favorites like Red, Brock, Misty, Blue, Lt. Surge, Giovanni, Agatha, and more to come! Here, you’ll find classic Pokémon like Charizard, Pigeot, Mewtwo, and Gengar.

Generation 2:

Gold, Silver, Whitney, Bugsy, Morty, Koga, and many other legendary trainers make their way from the Johto region. Keep an eye out for Generation II monsters like Meganium, Beedril, Miltank, and Crobat.

Generation 3:

The perfect balance of land and sea, this is the Hoenn region. Here you will find trainers like May, Brendan, Steven Stone, Roxanne, Flannery, Drake, and other powerful rivals. Sceptile, Blaziken, Metagross, Torkoal, and Salamence are just some of the dangers lurking in the region.

Generation 4:

The Sinnoh region is also no stranger to its good number of teachers. Dawn, Barry, Cynthia, and other Trainers join Pokémon like Garchomp and Empoleon. Download-pokemon-masters-ex-for-android

Generation 5:

Unova’s most industrial city brings a whole new genre and generation of Pokémon and Trainers. Hilbert, Hilda, Alder, Grimsley, and Iris are just some of the most powerful the region has to offer. Its sync partners include Liepard, Oshawott, Zebstrika, Haxorous, and others.

Generation 6:

French-inspired Kalos brings more challenges your way. Blast your way through Serena, Diantha, Siebold, and more with Pokémon that have the ability to Mega Evolve.

Generation 7:

In the region of Hawaii, Alola doesn’t bring gym leaders, but Kahunas and test captains center stage. Challenge or use some tough Pokémon and Trainers like Lycanroc, Pallosand, and others.

Download Pokemon Masters EX APK for Android

There are no issues with the APK yet as the EX game is still new. However, downloading the latest version of Pokemon Masters EX APK will still guarantee you more storage space and faster installation.

Coach don’t worry – join the League of Masters now! Get your sync pairs and become the best!