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The pursuit of happiness is a universal phenomenon. No matter what happens in your personal life, happiness is sought after by almost all people. Almost every other human being on the face of this earth seeks happiness with all efforts. If happiness is sought after by an individual, then that person will try to make his life as long as possible, and if he failed to attain happiness, he will feel depressed and will feel like giving up. So how exactly is it attained?


The pursuit of happiness is one of the biggest questions raised by our planet earth. It is an eternal quest because no matter what happens to us, we have to live to enjoy happiness. The pursuit of happiness involves self-examination, introspection, and a search for answers. Some people would rather remain ignorant about happiness and will live their lives without a hint of pursuit. These people are usually called, “non-pursuits”.


The pursuit of happiness, in general, has many answers. On the one hand, one might say that it is because of failure or defeat. If you fail in one attempt, it means that you are defeated in life itself. When you pursue happiness, the first thing you should ask yourself is whether you failed or not.


Failure is inevitable when you are pursuing happiness, so instead of blaming the universe, you should learn from your mistakes and move on. If you fail in your attempt to reach happiness, try to get back up and do better next time. You should know the reason why you have left in your pursuit of happiness.

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The pursuit of happiness means to learn and grow as an individual. It does not mean that you should blindly follow your dreams, even if they seem great to you. You should know what you want, and you should also know that it is possible. The pursuit of happiness means that you must be willing to work hard for it, to study, and to educate yourself. The pursuit of happiness requires that you have enough patience to wait for something wonderful to fall in your lap before you will finally catch it. You must know that there is a God who watches over you, even though you failed him once, and he will not abandon you.


What if the pursuit of happiness is that which is portrayed in movies? What if you were to see a movie where the happiness seeker was chased by an evil spirit? Will you chase after him and make him stay? How long would it take before you find him? What if you had a beautiful wife, what would you do then?


When you read some of the lyrics of the song, by either Jennifer Aniston or Britney Spears, what do you think about happiness? One of the lyrics reads” chased by an angel, I never ran out of people who would like me but don’t always know what they’re doing”. These are two of the most famous lyrics that talk about chasing happiness.


Now then, I don’t think we should chase after happiness, instead, I think chasing after happiness will not bring you happiness. The pursuit of happiness is like trying to get something worth having, once you get it, what is the point of chasing after it? If we are striving for happiness in our lives, then we must also be willing to work for it, and yes work is what it takes to get happiness. Work is what makes a person wealthy, work is what makes a person happy, work is what makes a person a productive member of society, so work yes, happiness no. The pursuit of happiness is just an excuse to get you through life, it is not an actual solution to your problem, and in the end, it doesn’t even really solve anything.

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