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Download Royal Match Mod Apk (Unlimited Boosters) Free For Android

Along with the style are games that are light, interesting, and equally engaging. For example, this is Royal Match; Although it is just a new game that came out not long ago, this game has caused many players to fall and exclaim that it is an excellent game. Here is a detailed article about it.


Dream Games publishes Royal Match and its main platform is Android, but it is also available on iOS. This game has an exciting puzzle genre, so it is suitable for all ages, from kids to adults, any age that needs a game to entertain you after a long tiring day.

This game has hundreds of thousands of downloads and the game reviews are relatively good too. The game has many levels with different difficulties, which gives players an exciting feeling when winning. At each level there will be a different challenge; the difficulty in each level can be based on movement restrictions or time limitations.


royal match apk has a beautiful graphic design, many different blocks with a variety of colors and shapes. With different challenges, after completing a level breaking wooden blocks, you will receive a certain amount of money and “stars”, is it magnificent?                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The game has now opened many levels to give players more excitement with the challenges. The beautiful graphics and sound system of the game are really great; it is fantastic and potentially addictive for gamers. And when you join the Royal Match, your task will be to carry out missions to build and decorate the castle and the vast land of King Robert.


Royal Match has a fairly simple way to play. Each player, while playing, should pay attention to the squares with different colors. You’ll zoom in on three squares of the same color to create great breaks. However, to save on teleporters, you need to create different combinations of squares to create more power, helping you clear more areas.

You will create power-ups like TNT barrels, fireworks rockets, and disco balls. Once you’ve done your best moves, it’s easy to complete a level and collect a lot of coins. With each level, there will be few tutorials and valuable items that you must use with care.

With the first 20 levels, the game will bring easy levels that will bore you. After that level, the difficulty will gradually increase, from easy to hard to super hard, you will feel like “this game is fun”.

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With your intelligence, I believe that it does not matter what level you have; You will solve the problems in the most reasonable way. On the levels that are easy for you, don’t use any items, but save them for later.

There are limits to movement at any level, so use them as carefully as possible. Each player must also see the steps to create items called boosters such as bombs, rockets, or hammers; These are very useful, necessary when you are “stuck”.


There are many ways to overcome obstacles in Royal Match in the simplest way. For example, you can combine power-ups to create miracles, elements that have great destructive power even when combined with normal elements. But more specifically, if two boosters like TNT and bombs appear randomly on the board, feel free to mix them up to see their great explosive power.

You can repeat the levels where you have failed with the three upgrades you have chosen. First, you cannot complete a certain level due to a lack of movements. Meanwhile, you also run out of coins to buy more passes; use this method.

Finally, the items will appear at the bottom of the game screen. When your moves are too small and there is no reinforcement on the board, use the help of the items below. More specifically, you will have those special items when you complete the levels excellently; They can also be unlocked every time you level up, or you can buy them with coins but quite expensive.

The game is just a simple puzzle genre, but it excites a lot of people. They are willing to spend hours a day playing games and helping them level up. The above are the basic details and instructions for the game. If you want to live your own experience, do not hesitate to download royal match unlimited coins mod apk to have fun.

Download Royal Match MOD (Unlimited Boosters)
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