Score Hero 2 MOD APK

Score Hero 2 MOD APK v1.11 (Unlimited Money) Download

Just like the first version of this addicting game, the Score! Hero 2 mod apk version also has amazing features. You can choose from a choice of three heroes and start playing right away. These heroes have their own special powers that make them very challenging to defeat. They can be customized with different hairstyles and even more features as compared to the original game.

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App Name Score! Hero 2
Publisher First Touch Games Ltd.
Genre Sports
Size 400M
Latest Version 1.11
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Lives



In the first version of the game, you were tasked to eliminate waves of zombies to score points. You used a variety of weapons including the machine gun and you had to stay alive long enough for the timer to run out. However, the score you earned was dependent upon how long it took you to kill all the zombies. Since it used the android engine, the performance of the game was not at its optimum level.

With the score increasing as you killed more zombies, it was then made possible to earn a higher score by winning games. This allowed players to test the real score system and the mechanics of the game. With this update, they can enjoy a much better gameplay experience with the help of several bug fixes. Apart from that, the latest version of the Score Hero 2 MOD APK version also provides several improvements.

Score Hero 2 MOD APK


Apart from the exciting score that you earn while playing the game, you would also love the animations and the sounds. The football uniforms featured in the game are designed with high quality and accuracy. Apart from that, you would also love the authentic 3D animation. These will really heighten your excitement as you try to score goals using your skills with a football.

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Aside from the exciting visuals and the sounds, you would also love the money systems. As in the first part of the game, earning money is one of the ways through which you can improve your gameplay experience. In the second part of the game, earning cash does not only help you buy better equipment for yourself. You could purchase the rights to use these rights to earn even more cash. However, earning the right to use the money is only possible if you win the football matches.

Score Hero 2 MOD APK


With the updates in the Score Hero 2 MOD APK, you can also have an improved experience with the introduction of the soccer scoring system. It has been improved to make the whole game much more exciting and entertaining. In the previous versions, you could not score any goals as you used to score when you were not having any score. The update provided with the Hero 2 mod Apk has rectified this issue.


Other than that, the soccer gameplay in the Hero 2 mod apk version has also been made easier and smoother with the introduction of the control schemes that are very easy and convenient to use. These include keyboard shortcuts as well as other simple controls. You no longer need to exert much effort in using these controls as everything will be very clearly explained by the makers of the game. You would really enjoy playing the game without exerting too much effort just to score a goal.

Score Hero 2 MOD APK


The people who have not played the original version of the game will have a tough time engaging with the actual game as this one has been changed for the better.

There is still a lot to learn about the intricacies of the gameplay, but once you get to play the mod, you will be engaged with the new, exciting challenges. You will love the changes and the freshness of the content. Be sure to download the Score Hero 2 MOD APK today!

Removed license check;
Unlimited Money *when rewinding and buying hearts, money increases


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