SimpleRockets 2 MOD

SimpleRockets 2 MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Download the latest Apk version of SimpleRockets 2 MOD, a simulation game for Android. This MOD has unlimited money. Download now!

SimpleRockets 2 requires 2 GB of RAM

SimpleRockets 2

The SimpleRockets 2 is a fully 3D area simulator that lets you build rockets, planes, rovers, or anything you can think of and discover highly detailed 3D planets. Also, Simply share saved professions and video games with the group. 17 completely different challenges are included to showcase your creations.

Build crafts by breaking components collectively. Moreover, Choose from prefabricated engines like the Mage, which is a sturdy kerosene-powered engine. Or select the very weak, but extremely environmentally friendly ion engine.

Also, you can delve into the intricacies of rocket science and design your own individual rocket engines. Choose from eight affordable engine varieties, seven nozzles, and six gasoline varieties. Additionally, From there, you can change the motor size, nozzle size, throat radius, and more.

Use the interstage to separate your ship into various stages and collectively modular fairing pieces to protect your precious cargo. Put more ships into orbit. You can dock alongside your current ships to build stations in the area, moon bases, fuel stations, and many more.

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What’s New?

Change the size and shape of gas tanks, wings, cargo bays, fairings, and nostrils with easy-to-use tools that let you create exactly what you need. For instance, Resize photovoltaic panels, wheels, pistons, shock absorbers, and many more according to your needs. Also, Paint your vessel with custom colors and modify its reflectance, emissivity, and texture types.

The orbits are realistically simulated and help warp time so you don’t have to wait several months to be successful on another planet. Also, The map view makes it easy to view orbits and plan for future burns, which you should use to arrange future encounters with different planets or satellites.

Moreover, The flight dummy dynamically updates the drag and carry strokes of your vessel because it modifies. Indentation results are triggered if you are screaming in an environment at hypersonic speeds. Additionally,  Be careful, as the extreme heat could cause these unplanned quick teardowns above.

Get from a large variety of user-uploaded trades and sandboxes on our website. Also, Add your own crafts and individual litter boxes and share them with the group. Moreover, Climb the ranks from white stage builder to stage builder of gold and yesteryear.


  •  Absolutely 3D Rocket Designer that allows you to build everything from basic rockets to very difficult multistage rockets, airplanes, rovers, satellites, robotic mechs, and many more.
  •  Custom rocket and jet engine design
  •  Realistic rocket physics and orbital mechanics.
  •  Over 30 components, along with fairings, retractable photovoltaic panels, rover wheels, engines, and many more.
  •  Extremely procedural components that can be scaled and transformed into unlimited combos, such as the resizable gas tank and cargo compartment.
  •  Map view to navigate the PV system showing orbits and expected encounters.
  •  Absolutely 3D, rotating planets assisting water and an array of biomes, equivalent to the desert,   grassland, tundra, and many more.
  •  The persistent sandbox that preserves your previous versions.
  •  Players can add their rockets and sandboxes and share them with different players.
  •  An online group where players can vote and tap on the content of different players.
  •  Various building and flying challenges.
  •  Elements help custom textures, highlights, and colors.
  •  The flight dummy dynamically updates your ship’s tow and tow traits because it modifies.
  •  Indentation results along with visible results and medium heat damage.
  •  Custom launch areas allow launch from various locations within the PV system.
  •  Help to save custom subsets.
  •  Vessels can collectively dock in orbit and change gasoline.
  •  Built-in tutorials introduce you to tips on how to build a ship and tips on how to enter orbit.
  •  Time-Warp allows fast forward while in orbit.

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