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If you are here for Slash & Girl Mod APK then you are in the right place. Endless racing games are always a kind of crazy game. It tests your acquired cognitive skills and creates addiction. In addition, slash action games are an equally huge genre. So, let’s mix the two together and get even better results. Download Slash and Girl for Android and enjoy the best of both worlds.
Take your tough girl on the field in different game modes and compete along the automatic course. But avoid the jokers who are here to stop you. However, removing them is not the only way to avoid danger. Just cut them. Your girlfriend, sword in hand, will completely decimate everything he’s trying to stop her.

The main features of Slash and Girl

  • Take a look at the bar and run functions for everyone to enjoy while playing…
  • Go through tons of jokes. Eliminate the competition and obstacles that stand in your way.
  • There are several game modes with different approaches. Fever Mod is designed for speed, for example. Gain more and more speed as you slide down and become a force to be reckoned with.
  • Personalize your face. Choose various costumes, outfits, and weapons to customize your runner to your liking. Keep that extra level of immersion in your experience and that will make anyone play longer.


Slash and Girl commands like any other Endless Run game you want. However, there are some additional mechanisms added to the basic controls that add to the fun. Of course, we are referring to the sword fighting mechanics and the included cut.

Your girlfriend will automatically cut off enemies as you swipe left and right on the mobile screen. Sliding up will also cause your character to explode, while sliding down will cause him to roll to attack.
All these different scroll controls, combined with constant speed and obstacle rate, turn a seemingly simple game into a skill test. Do you have hand-eye coordination to manage these factors? Go ahead and challenge yourself.


Let’s talk for a moment about the rankings. Slash and Girl offer beautiful 3D HD graphics that keep the game fresh and fun.

Also, the animations are smooth and clear. Playing and using scroll commands is so natural and satisfying. For this reason, everything about the visuals in this endless running game is amazing and brilliant.

In general, I would rate the graphics and animations with 8/10

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Slash and girl Mod APK Free Download – Unlimited diamonds, coins

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited diamonds (Received after each level of play)

NOTE: Turn off internet when playing game and always turn off Internet when play game…