Slider Scout Single MOD [Unlimited Money+Unlocked]

Slider Scout Single MOD

Swipe, drag, and explore as you build your own Slider Scout band! Slider Scout Single MOD is late for camp and needs help recruiting more scouts for your band at Scout Lodge. Scroll further to send this miniature burger on a massive adventure through the unexplored forest, where there are new surprises in every corner!

The explorers will continue to slide until they hit a wall that blocks their way, so you will have to guide them on a path through the desert. Keep sliding your finger to send it in different directions and try to reach the exit so that your cursor can continue its journey and explore the next area.


New puzzling routes await you at every step! There are traps, blocks, and evil scattered on the ground and you will have to keep slipping to find the best way to overcome all obstacles. Beware of traps, cannons, and spices that try to slide towards you.

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Use bridges, ramps, and collapsing switches to find your way through the deterrent passages. Slide into the baddies to destroy them and earn points and make sure you collect the Dot Stars and Shining Coins you find.


Don’t worry if you get hurt while exploring! You will be sent back to the Scout Lodge, where the accumulated points will be used to earn a new rank for your Scout troop. As you level up, you can earn extra coins, rewards, discover new locations, and even recruit new sliding explorers for your band! So it’s time to go back to your travels and continue on your way through the ever-changing landscape.


Use the collected coins to awaken the Slider Grand Sanctuary, where you have the opportunity to summon and collect new explorers to add to the band. All your scouts will stay in the scout’s cabin and you can switch between any of your repeatable scouts before you start.


Decorate your scout home with hundreds of pieces of furniture that you find while exploring. Slider Scout Single MOD has many separate rooms for all your explorers, so you can decorate each room with different themes and change the walls and floor to suit your decor.


Build the reputation of your band of gratitude by completing missions to earn badges of merit! When you start an exploration tour, you will get a specific mission to complete as you progress in your travels. Once the mission is complete, you will receive a gift of coins and a special badge of merit to display in the Scout Lodge. After a while, you will have the chance to start a new mission, so continue your hard work to fill your showcase with badges of merit!

Features of Slider Scout Single MOD:

  • Simple takeover and game control
  • 80 unique explorers to unlock
  • Win hundreds of pieces of furniture.
  • Decorate all Scout Lodge rooms
  • More than a dozen different places to explore.
  • New puzzling routes await you at every step.
  • Earn coins to awaken the Great Slider Sanctuary
  • Complete daily missions to earn badges and coins.

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