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Spotlight X: Room Escape MOD Apk (Unlimited Hints) For Android Download

Spotlight X: Room Escape is a game in the Spotlight series, which is the successful product of the publisher Javelin Ltd. The game has very attractive gameplay, which requires players to think hard and try many alternatives to find their way out. There are many puzzles in the game that players have to solve and only by solving each puzzle will the exit be found. Most have clues. Connect those discrete pieces to answer the final question. The game is a bit mysterious, but it won’t be so scary.


One day you woke up and suddenly found yourself trapped in a strange house. Somehow, you are here. And somehow, all the exits are blocked. Even if you don’t know what the purpose is and who is behind this deal, you know that you will have to find a way out of here. But how?


The gameplay of this game will be tapped to interact with everything in this place. You have to look for any clues in the environment and then put them together to find a way out. For example, there will be a locked safe. If the player wants to open it, they must enter the correct code. And of course, it is a mystery that you need to search the room. Along the way, find useful items and collect them, as they will benefit you later. Sometimes they are the prerequisite for solving future puzzles.

Sometimes you need to use them as a key. Most of the data you collect in this room is, in some way, interconnected. And we still don’t know if it wasn’t intentional or if someone deliberately set it up just for you to play it. We only know that if you don’t leave quickly, your characters in the game will die!

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Tips will be given if you want to use the help. However, refer to them in times when you are stuck because the value of the game lies in finding your own way. Be suspicious, deduce and think carefully. If you don’t have data yet, try to do everything you can and interact a lot with the environment. At that point, the tracks will gradually open up and you can use them to find a way out.


The game is built with 2D images. Spotlight X: Room Escape doesn’t have too many animations, it’s mostly just embedded frames. Whenever the player interacts with the environment (by clicking objects, for example), the player is redirected to another scene. The game also has some effects, but they only constitute a small part of the game.

Most of them occur when the player has to perform certain operations such as pulling drawers, hooking. However, for a mobile game, this is an advantage. As a result, the game is neither heavy nor generates too much heat each time it is played. Try downloading Spotlight X: Room Escape and try it out today!

Download Spotlight X: Room Escape MOD (unlimited track)