Star Wars Alien Invasion mod apk

Star Warfare:Alien Invasion HD 2.98 Apk + Mod + Data Free Download

Star Wars Alien Invasion mod apk is one of the many classic games that can be played for free on the Internet. The mod has been re-released, and players can download the mod immediately after purchase. A lot of the mod’s technical features are untouched, but a couple of changes were made to improve the gameplay. The game’s storyline and the complete score remain unchanged.

In this mod, you will have a chance to be part of the most thrilling space combat ever. As a member of the Federation, your task will be to annihilate the aliens using new weapons and power-ups. You can also visit different planets in outer space. To gain points and rank in your crew, you will also have to go through these planets.

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If you are an aspiring gamer, this game is a perfect fit for you. It’s not just about shooting aliens, but also the graphics and the sounds that go with it. When you’re on the alien planet, you will need to fight through boarding crews and stormtroopers. They will be armed with powerful weapons like disruptors, plasma cutters, and ion Cannons.

Star Wars Alien Invasion Mod Apk

Once inside the space vessel, there will also be other formidable opponents. These include tractor beams, shock waves, landing pods, and the dreaded Vader Walkers. These obstacles should be taken out quickly and effectively by your team. Your goal should be to destroy as many enemy units as you can, while staying away from their main group.

Each turn, random events will occur that will put players in risky situations. There are several ways to win the game. Some missions can result in a place in the front rank, while others will reward you with extra points if you reach a certain number of crew members or reach a certain level. The ships available for purchase also provide various bonuses, so players can choose which ship they want to use.

Playing through the Star Wars Alien Invasion HD Campaign requires strategy. The game’s battles take place in hyperspace. When you are not attacking another player, you must scan the space for energy nodes. These are used to power up your ship and give it additional weapons or other special abilities.

Also, when you are not attacking anyone, you can visit ports. By using the ports you will be able to refuel, repair, or simply stay in the action longer. This gives you a great advantage during the final battle, when you will be required to work together with other survivors.

As you fight through the different missions, you will eventually come across the last stronghold of the alien invaders. This area contains a tractor beam that can be used to take down the final aliens. However, if you want to get the best score possible, it is recommended that you use more than one weapon against the invaders. By combining your ships, weapons and shields, you can quickly eliminate any waves of aliens sent out by your opponent.


In addition to this, there are some special abilities that you can activate as you fight through the battle. These include the ion blast, which targets enemy vessels and weak points on their hull. You can also activate the shockwave maneuver that makes your spacecraft move in an erratic fashion, allowing you to target multiple areas of the enemy ships.

Another great strategy is to make sure that you have at least two different types of weapons available. Most players choose to bring two primary weapons along for the main battle. On the other hand, some players like to bring a couple of defense systems as well. If you get hit and your ship takes damage, your only real option is to repair your craft or engage in boarding actions.

The enemies here are tough. Some of them are better than others, especially when it comes to boarding abilities. If you’re the kind of player that likes to fight head-to-head, then the X-wing Star Fighter is a great choice for you. It can help you stay safe from the aliens and can also target enemy Star Destroyers. The TIE fighter is great if you want to dish out a lot of rapid-fire fire.

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All these options are available, and they all make for an exciting battle. There’s no need to worry about your Star Wars Alien Invasion HD graphics getting in the way of playing the game. The game runs very smoothly, and you can easily pick between engaging in dogfights and space combat. Get hold of this version today!